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Before we go any further, I thought it best to warn people that I am going to spoil this film. As in I’m going to give away the big reveal at the end, but you’re not missing much so it probably doesn’t matter.

Now, I think most of us can agree that Julianne Moore is a reasonably inoffensive actress; some may even like her. As such, I had no qualms about slinging on The Forgotten and, ya know what, I was actually quite enjoying the film for a while.

Plot thus: Telly (Julianne Moore) believes her son in a plane crash, although her husband says that they never had a son and that she imagining the whole thing. On the verge of being towed away by men in white coats, she does a runner and meets Ash (Dominic West) whose daughter he also believes was killed in that same crash.

See, that sounds pretty cool and it has this whole government conspiracy thing going on. What really happened with the plane crash? Was there ever really a crash at all? Is Telly crazy? Not really the most original of plots but intriguing nonetheless. So we’re plodding along and it’s obvious we’re going to get some big reveal or twist. Just what have the government been up to and did her son ever really exist? We’re about to find out and….


Yep, it was all aliens. At no point have we been aware that this was even possible, but it was aliens abducting people and erasing memories and stuff like that; I can’t even remember that much anymore. It was a pretty effective twist in that I didn’t see it coming at all, but it was so ridiculous that I think I sat open mouthed for the rest of the film in utter shock that someone could write something so lazy.

You could do that to end pretty much any film if you’re struggling to work out how to end it. The Usual Suspects? He was an alien all along. Citizen Kane? Rosebud was an alien. Fight Club? Aliens. It just felt like such a cop out. I had a similar reaction to Knowing but that had Nicolas Cage in it, so I could forgive it a little more.

I also read (thanks Wikipedia) that when the film aired on cable they changed all plane crash references to that of a bus crash. Why? Worried about upsetting people? What about people killed in bus crashes? Again, utterly ridiculous.

So, if there’s any budding scriptwriters out there wondering how to end their film, simply follow The Forgotten’s formula – just say it was aliens. Easy.


  1. … James is going to be most upset that Julianne Moore ended up on here twice!

    This is an awesome write up, Chris. I must say, the Knowing truly was one of those films for me. Plodding along, all was well, then just BAM – aliens. I can barely remember this movie, maybe I should check it out again!


  2. I’m actually one of those people that doesn’t like Julianne Moore. I don’t know why, she’s just… tedious I guess. And I never enjoy her acting. I don’t think I can name a single movie that I liked her in.
    Keyser Soze as an alien though, I like where this is headed! There’s some real sequel potential there now that you mention it…


  3. Haha. Poor Julianne Moore! Nice review. 🙂 Have to say that of all the Shitfest films I’ve actually seen, I minded this one the least. Even though the alien thing was stupid… You’re right – every movie could end this way. I can’t believe that Hitchcock never thought to use aliens to explain things. 😉


  4. And now Moore is the Mom in the Carrie remake – you know, the new one where they pour chocolate syrup on the girl’s head instead of blood so not to offend anyone, and the Mom asks Carrie if she will go to her closet instead of dragging her there by the hair. I heard at the end the house is lifted into the air by… you guessed it, aliens, lol.


  5. I’ve hovered over this one a couple of times on Netflix, and almost played it. Glad I didn’t bother now! Thanks for the warning. Fucking aliens! It seems especially shit as no-one believes anyone has ever been abducted by aliens now. Unlike in the eighties when every one knew someone who’d had been anally probed by an alien. Which I’ve always found strange. These aliens travel thousands of light years just to look at our arses? I mean, we have some beautiful tourist spots in this world of ours. I can just imagine the conversations before they set off for Earth….

    “Oh, are we off to Earth again! Fantastic! Can we go see Stonehenge? What? We’ll just be looking up their arseholes again? Fucksake!”

    Anyway, great review. Did the aliens do any anal probing?


  6. This really was a terrible movie. Even the eye candy provided by Dominic West wasn’t enough to salvage it. You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize Julianne Moore has been in a lot of shitty movies. I recently saw 6 Souls, which wasn’t so good either. And I won’t even get into the tragedy that was Hannibal.


  7. Love the header! Man, I really wanted to like this movie. I dig Julianne Moore and it seemed to have a good, creepy vibe. But they lost me too with the “It was aliens!” ending. Really, guys? That’s the best you could come up with? Next time I have too much to drink I’m going to defend Blackout Nicole’s shenanigans (seriously… Blackout Nicole makes the worst decisions. I hate that chick!) with “I didn’t drink too much and sing Boogie Boogie Hedgehog at the karaoke bar and flash my boobs. That was ALIENS. They replaced me with a pod person who smelled of Jager Bombs. Bastards.”


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