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Having basically grown up with Danielle Harris (on screen, mind you) and having interacted with a few members of the cast in this, I REALLY wanted to love this movie…. but I have to be honest and report back that I didn’t. I mean – I love the cast and the director (Harris) but nothing really seemed to work in here. The reason behind all of the violence didn’t really work for me, the dialogue seemed stretched and, I don’t know, it just didn’t work out. I guess I could kind of relate this to a scenario back in high school. You go to a keg party with a bunch of people you normally wouldn’t ever associate with and you get loaded on beer and warm vodka and then make it with the hot chick you’ve never talked to before and then, Monday back at school, there’s just nothing there. You know:

18 year old IPC: *chins to 18 year old Scrotey* I like how I made it with her Saturday night.

18 Year old Scrotey: I know, you dumbass, you were in the back of my car.

18 year old IPC: Duh. Who did you make it with?

18 Year old Scrotey: (Name withheld to protect the innocent). You should go ask her if she wants to go to lunch with us.

18 year old IPC: *thinks for a minute or two* NAH.

That’s how I pretty much felt about this. Love the cast but…. NAH…. I’m sure there will be spoilers to follow.


There’s a user review over on IMDB that reads :If you’re not pretentious, then you’ll love it. Well, I feel like I’m one of the most non pretentious people around and I didn’t love it. I mean, I liked the look of the thing and the cast was all hot but, for real, most of them just sit around a table tied up for the majority of the movie watching videos of things they’ve done in the past – oh – and why was A. J. Bowen wearing that wig?? So… they see some things that have transgressed prior to the evening and then the hostess tortures them. OK. *SHRUGS* There’s a really cool drug induced dream sequence later in the film that includes Michael Beihn screaming about how shitty his career has become but even that seems to last too long. BUT – it does have Harris in her Halloween clown costume! Score!


Other than that, I can’t think of anything too remarkable about this. The effects were a little gruesome and the chicks were hot but… nothing really stood out here. The shit with Biehn was funny and someone screams something at the very last second that made me laugh but, in the end, I don’t think it’s worth a re-watch. Good luck to everyone in their futures! XO – EI

Here’s a couple of pics that may or may not titillate your cockles:



    • theipc

      Well, I liked it more than The Babysitter and I’d probably watch again sometime in the future so….

      Going to see Gravity here in an hour or so – hopefully I’ll LOVE it.


  1. I’ve been mildly interested in checking this one out myself because I like Danielle too but I really haven’t heard good things from anyone. If the movie’s not that great they could’ve at LEAST all got naked for the majority of it. That’ll save almost any movie for me. Are you going to catch the Carrie remake this Friday? I’m cautiously optimistic about it.


    • theipc

      LOL I’m with you!! No nothing in this one…

      I *might* – we are going out of town tomorrow for a little mini-vacation and I am going to be stuck in a hotel room by myself Friday – so, if there’s a movie theater within walking distance I might – other than that, I’ll probably wait for VOD – are you?


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