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This is just a quick post to get the word out to anyone on the fence about this for your weekend (plus we are mired in a power outage so I am sitting in a hot, dark room, doing this on my phone). Gravity is the real fucking deal, folks. I mean it – this could possibly be one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. From about five minutes in this thing gets intense and only lets up occasionally to let us catch our breaths. This movie was A-FUCKING-MAZING and is a must see. For reals. I’ll try and get back around this week and do something better than this, but, if you think this looks good – IT IS. See it in the theater.

Since my theme has to have a pic for the home page and I am too sweaty to go download something, here’s an image of one of the shelves in my bookcase. I’ll tidy this post up later : )



  1. GaryLee828

    HOLY SHIT that ceramic ghost scared me when it popped up!! Stop doing that to us!

    I think I am gonna have to go see this one next week. I also need to see “Prisoners”. Will try to make it a double feature. 🙂


      • I know, you are a lot more alternative… dammit, you people are all hyping this up so much! I have to check my local theatre’s schedule now, see when it is coming up!


      • theipc

        LOL – as I get older and my knees get more creaky I find it less and less enjoyable to get out and deal with The People…..

        : )


      • theipc

        LOL – I use to be able to handle Them but these days – – – not really so much……… years ago I swore to never go to a Wal-Mart again (do you have those over there?) A week or so ago I decided to brave one to get this particular product I heard they had so I went in. About three minutes in there this dude almost ran me over with a shopping cart. A few minutes later this woman started following me around – every fucking step I took she was right behind me!!! Eventually I made it over to some sales clerk and right when I was going to ask him where this thing was some woman appeared out of nowhere and screamed “ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT YOU DON’T HAVE LAPTOPS??!?!?!?!?!”

        I thought the guy was going to piss himself and I was all “I need to get out of here. Right now.” So I went to check out and I was standing there waiting and I looked to my right and some short, fat dude was staring at me. WITH HIS HAIR IN PIG TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Never again. Some of The People are terrible.


      • Nope, no Wal-Marts here. I have, however, seen enough emails with tons of photos to understand why there is a certain stigma attached to it…

        WOW! Sounds like a seriously adventurous outing – but NOT the adventurous one thinks of when planning such trips. Pig tails, eh? Someone needs to speak to Their Council…

        The People will never cease to astound me. More often than not I fear that I have seen all that They have to offer, and one of Them will come right back with something bang out of order I have not experienced before.

        I understand why you are not particularly interested in braving such a store anymore…


      • theipc

        LOL!!! No – see, you get to sleep in, take it easy, head out to the theater, relax and avoid Them, get some nachos, enjoy your ass off and then reflect : )


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