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If we look at this from one perspective, I owe a lot to this movie. Back in 2006 (I guess) my friend and I had to take a work trip to a place called Georgia. At the airport where e lives, he picked up a magazine to read on the flight and in it was an interview with the director of Mandy Lane. This inspired the both of us to start writing a movie script, which he finished and is currently working on selling it. I got so disillusioned with the script writing process that I only made it about half way and then turned my creativity towards writing ABOUT movies and here we are today, Shitfesting it up and enjoying each other’s company. From the other perspective I can hang my head in shame because I’m a guy who likes to finish things and IT’S BEEN SEVEN YEARS and I can’t finish the fucking screenplay????? FAIL!!! Then, from the last perspective – we all waited seven years for this??? This wasn’t that go-


Fuck – here we go again. So Amber Heard is Mandy Lane, a teenage bea-


– OOOPs, where was I this time? Oh yeah – Mandy is invited to this big par –


– SHIT! This big party, see and suddenly peopl –


– SON OF A BITCH!! People start getting kil –


*AHEM* getting killed in grueso –


Well FUCK! I’m done…. if you’ve waited seven years to see Mandy Lane you’re probably going to come out of it pretty disappointed.


  1. This is my go-to site for Amber Heard pictures.
    (I guess I could go to the actual films, but they are usually pretty awful lol – I rather get the highlights in semi-naked photos here)


    • theipc

      LOL – I talked about The Ward a while back and no one has ever looked at it – maybe I’ll re-issue it and pump it up with some new pics : )


  2. You CAN finish it man!

    I must admit, I thought it was pretty average… nothing special.

    Can someone please tell me what it is that Amber Heard has because I am evidently one of the only people in the world to have missed whatever it is?


  3. Honestly, this flick was pretty decent. There are some scenes of pure brilliance. Yes, the story is a tad predictable and there isn’t a lot here we haven’t seen before. But the music combined with the imagery and some decent wit are enough to salvage the movie. I might not love Mandy Lane the film, but I do have a little childhood crush. As for Amber Heard, well, she is immaculate.


    • theipc

      I thought it was OK – I think the 7 year build up didn’t do it much justice though. It’s a miracle compared to what’s coming out tomorrow on this site.


  4. Tom

    haha this is great. you should do the same for The Babymakers. it’s got Olivia Munn in it. And if you don’t know who that is, expect to have one less follower come tomorrow. . . . 😉


  5. Nice horny Amber Heard review again. 😉 I think she was hotter in this than now because she’s gotten too skinny now – there’s much better boobage as Mandy Lane.

    I like your story about being inspired by the interview. I get that way too (like when I watch movies like Prisoners today & find the story weak) but I’ve done NOTHING about it so you’re doing far better than I am! Don’t get down about it. 🙂 Plus your blog is awesome! Mine sucks.

    I did a crappy short review of The Ward in the early days of my blog – I’ll go check yours out. (Oh – I actually thought Mandy Lane wasn’t TOO bad for a modern horror. Mandy Lane & Garth were decent characters)


    • theipc

      I thank you so kindly for your compliment but volley with this: what are you talking about?? Your blog is awesome – it’s one of my favorites!! Shut YO mouth!!

      Let me go check your The Ward bit out! : )


  6. Lem

    I guess I need to get around to checking this out – for posterity and nostalgia and all… In some ways seems like 20 years ago in other ways seems like last week… Either way – Cheers to the IPC!


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