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A week ago today I posted a little blurb from my hot, powerless, dark, airless living room (from my phone) mentioning how much I loved this movie and calling it maybe one of the best movies I have ever seen. Over the last week I’ve kept watching trailers and clips from it and loving every second of them and I think I like it now even more than I did last Friday which doesn’t seem possible since I LOVED IT. Maybe absence is making the heart grow fonder or something, but I have kind of kept in touch and all I can think about is how much I fucking loved this. The music, the imagery, the action, the isolation, the fear, the beauty, the optimism in the face of death by Clooney – I mean, you guys and gals know what I look at out over here, you know my tastes, you know that I like things to be fun and you know that I’m not a guy who gets on bandwagons. The more popular something is the more likely it is that I’ll fucking HATE IT or never see it until ten years after it came out and love it (like THE GREEN MILE)… I still stand by: “this is one of the best movies I have ever seen”.


(I think), this thing that we do out here, whether you believe in me or trust me or don’t give a fuck or whatever, this movie blew my mind. You can look at this from the unbelievably amazing technical aspects, the use of music, the use of zero-gravity and dis-use of traditional horizontal structure, the extensively long and BEAUTIFUL shots, the use of the Earth, the acting or whatever, but this movie is AMAZING – yes, I am going to use the word(s) breath-taking because some of these scenes are so tense you might just find yourself OUT OF BREATH – and then – and then – maybe it’s just me who grew up alone and doesn’t want to go back to that shit – you might find yourself with a tear in your eye thinking of Bullock out there floating and spinning all alone in space, drifting (and turning with no way to stop) with NO ONE. No copy, no response. “Someone please copy,” she pleads to no one. But I didn’t get teary!! NOPE!! NO WAY!!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NOPE!! UH UH!! NOPE. SOLID AS A ROCK. NOPE. NO. NO. NOPE.


I remember when someone posted the first trailer for this and I thought it looked AMAZING with the big destruction of the telescope and then Bullock spinning off into space pleading for a copy and then this got a zillion good marks from everyone which usually puts me out on things. And then, the day I took off to see it, I had to go see it in 3D (which older longer hanger arounder readers will know I detest) so I actually pulled the plug on going to the theater for it. But then the wife came home for lunch and we were sitting around minding  our own businesses and then the fucking power went out so I wasn’t going to sit in a hot, dark house all day doing NOTHING so I went ahead and headed out and it was the right decision, I promise you that. I love this movie and I am going to watch it all the time when I can own it.



  1. I’m happy that you loved Gravity so deeply. But I don’t know, dude. Something about this still makes me want to roll my eyes and dismissively decree it “lame” based on the trailer. Are there aliens and laser guns? You can tell me if there are, because maybe that will sell it to me better.


  2. I’ve kind of skimmed. I assume there are no spoilers in this? I want to see it NOW, dammit!!! I LOVE when I see a movie that’s so damn moving & good – I’m expecting that from this. Love seeing you so enthusiastic over a great film. 🙂


  3. I could never be an astronaut, I would get anxiety just seeing the world get small as my rocket leaves earth’s atmosphere – nevermind if something went wrong and I was starnded. The question is – do you pull off the helmet and let yourself die in a matter of minutes or do you keep floating, hoping some miracle will happen?


    • theipc

      Having given this a lot of thought since seeing this thing – I would do let the oxygen run out in the suit and pass out…

      But I don’t think I’ll ever put myself in this situation….


  4. Tom

    haha great stuff. my ONLY hesitation with this film is how it would play out on a phone or laptop. computer screens are tiny and this movie is not, and it demands to be seen on the big screen. even still, it’d be worth owning just for the sheer emotional experience.


  5. J. Kindleman

    Your review was one of the reasons we went to see this over the weekend. If you judge a film based on how it makes you feel during and after viewing, I would say this is easily one of the top 10 films I have ever seen. It was at least an hour after leaving the theater that I had calmed down back to “normal”. As for the emotional impact during the show, I have never felt anything even close that wasn’t a real-life occurrence. My heart rate was elevated and my breathing was quick and shallow through almost the entire thing. The visuals were absolutely STUNNING in IMAX 3D and I found myself ducking and dodging flying debris more than once. My only complaint is that I thought much of the dialogue was pretty weak, even cheesy at times. Even with that, I still say this is a cinematic masterpiece. There are two other films I remember seeing in the theater that affected me as this one did: The Matrix & Saving Private Ryan. Thanks for the review, Master IPC.


  6. GaryLee828

    I went to see this yesterday based on your review, and I thought the graphics were pretty amazing; this is only the 2nd film to properly execute 3D, the first being “Avatar” in which James Cameron masterfully directed. I know a lot of people criticize “Avatar” but IDGAF what anyone says, “Avatar” was a visual masterpiece. And with this new “Gravity” film that takes 3D onto even higher heights, I can hardly wait to see what James Cameron does with the use of 3D in the future; the “Avatar” sequel is going to be set underwater, and I can only imagine how visually appealing it will be. 3D has gotten a bad rap over the last couple years, but 3D isn’t the problem; the problem are directors who film a movie without the intent of using 3D, but then later tacking 3D onto it and compromising the overall look of the movie and affect of the 3D. I think “Avatar” and “Gravity” both prove how amazing 3D is when properly executed. I hope “Gravity” inspires a slew of other filmmakers to make movies in 3D that are shot intended to be made in 3D. And to all the films out there that are shot without the strict intent of using 3D, please leave the affect alone, and just put your film out in standard 2D.

    Good review, EI. It’s always great when something mainstream comes out and is actually good. And I also loved “The Green Mile”. Sam Rockwell gave one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in that one. And the rest of the case was excellent, as well.


  7. I’ll have to agree with Gary up there with “Avatar”. I’m looking to see what Cameron has up his sleeve with the second installment of Avatar. Gravity was …meh. Juuust kidding! You are so cute all worked up about this movie! It was good! I really liked the special effects! Glad you liked it! 😀


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