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I don’t normally post twice in one day but since everyone already knew I loved GRAVITY, here’s something else to talk about. Plus, I am going to keep this pretty short since there’s probably not a decent way to go about this without giving it all away. I liked this movie – kind of a lot – but I don’t think it’s going to be for everyone… it’s slow (which I like), the characters don’t do stupid shit, it looks really sharp, the use of sound is really well done and, once the big reveal happens, if you reflect back on the movie, it actually makes this thing seem pretty smart and well done. But the ending might put some people off ~ it didn’t bother me but I can see how some folks might not like it. I think people who like THE INKEEPERS, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, or THE PACT or even LOVELY MOLLY for that matter – will probably be the target audience for this one.


This is a home invasion movie too, so if that’s not your thing, there you go, although it’s not as brutal as some of the things I’ve seen out there like CHERRY TREE LANE. Peter Petrelli Milo Ventimiglia and his hot wife Sarah Shahi live out in the sticks when one night the lovely Sara Paxton comes knocking on their door, crying about some people out there harassing her, wearing gas masks. They let her in and then some things start to happen that might make you wonder what in the Sam Hill is going on with this movie, but once it’s over you might just sit back and say… “NICE!” I liked it.



  1. Victor De Leon

    I may give this one a shot. I dig Milo and Paxton. Though, I am not a huge fan of home invasion flicks but I think you’ve sold me on this one. Thanks!


    • GaryLee828

      Joseph, go to my site and check out my recommendation pages; I have a different horror section on each recommendation page and I doubt you’ve seen all of them, so maybe consider the titles that may have slipped under your radar.


    • theipc

      He was actually pretty good. The last few movies I’ve seen him in, he played a Psychopath – this one he was normal – it was a relief.


      • theipc

        LOL – the movies just weren’t too good – they were called PATHOLOGY and THE DIVIDE. THE DIVIDE was actually good it’s just one of those tough movies to get through…


    • theipc

      I’m usually not into home invasion movies either but this one had a cool looking trailer so I gave it a whirl…

      Guess who just got back from the UPS store???????


  2. GaryLee828

    I’m not a fan of any of those 4 titles you listed, but I am definitely going to try to see this ASAP; will try to watch late tonight after MNF.


  3. GaryLee828

    Okay, I watched this, and I think you’re right when you said it may not appeal to those who didn’t like “The Innkeepers” and “The Pact”. Everything in this just felt very recycled from other horror films of the same vein. It’s not shitfest material or anything, but I just found it dull and lackluster for the most part. I don’t think the characters were developed well, so I didn’t really care what happened to them. The ending was somewhat clever, but they recycled the concept from other films.


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