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Is it just me or have we been waiting for this movie to be released in The States for around sixteen years? By God it seems this has been on the shelves forever like Mandy Lane… SHIT! Well, this finally came out over here and I gave it a watch and it wasn’t that bad at all. I had expected something a lot more gruesome based on what I’ve read from people that have seen it – and sure it was bloody as allgitout but I was kind of let down a little but it was still pretty good and worth my time. I was REALLY disappointed that we didn’t get to see the final transformation of the two ladies below (who are also the directors) – I was excited for that but no, we just see them hop into a taxi with bandages on their heads : (


This thing definitely has some unsettling things going on for it – since it’s a movie about extreme body modification (see Betty Boop below). In this you will get to see split tongues (Hi Brian), pierced and infected Pee-Pees, self-amputated limbs, some raping, buckets and buckets of blood and, of course, all of our desires to see Katherine Isabelle half clothed. I remember when I first started at the place I work at – there was this dude who sat in a cubicle behind me. He was a real trashy and lazy mofo who always talked about sex – you know the type – and he wanted to get his tongue split (for the ladies) but then he got fired for doing things wrong. I wonder how that worked out for him…


Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnyyyyyyyyyyywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy – if you’re not familiar, Mary is a student at medical school who goes to a strip club for work and ends up doing some emergency surgery or something on someone’s whosits or whatsits and the next day she gets a call and a visit from the lady above who offers her a shitload of money to do some body modification on the broad below:


This lady wants her nurples taken off and her hoo haw sealed up so she can be just like a doll. Nice. Needing money she (Mary) goes for it and then ends up getting date raped by her professor so she practices body modification on his raping ass (no anesthetic) then cuts off his arms and legs and hangs him like slab of beef in a warehouse somewhere. No nurples in this poster:


But I think the burning question in The Most Beloved Reader’s mind is this – does horror queen Katherine Isabelle finally show off her magnificent cans? Well, the answer to that is no and this is about as risque as it gets:


Overall, this was actually a lot tamer than I thought it was going to be and, while I never finished DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, also by the two sisters above, this is a very good looking, stylish movie that I’ll definitely watch again – probably several times before I join the deceased. Good stuff with this one.

On a side note – I am heading into the land of Kindleman tomorrow for a four day vacation so I might not be totally around like I normally am but I do have some posts scheduled to pass the time. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Jeffrey

    Hi Smash, I just passed by Eric’s office to get him to replenish the Diet Cokes that I regularly steal from the work fridge, and he is passed out in his own urine and feces, clutching his keyboard and mouse.


  2. To answer your 1st question, it is just you… 2nd – why do you have a picture of Joan Rivers on the page, is she in this? 😀
    But seriously, this sounds like a heavy commentary on the state of humanity in this day and age. These days, to tell how old an elite woman is, you have to look at her neck or her hands – everything else is plastic.


  3. GaryLee828

    You should definitely lead with a *SPOILERS* warning on this as you give a lot of details away…

    This film wasn’t quite as good as I was expecting, but was pretty decent, nonetheless. The film you recommended “Alyce Kills” reminded me a lot of this one, but I actually thought “Alyce Kills” was better. It definitely had a better ending. Although “American Mary” fell short of my expectations it still maintained a strong air of mystery throughout, as it wasn’t predictable, and you weren’t quite sure what would happen next, and I always appreciate that in a movie. Unless it’s something like “Lost Highway” and I am just so confused I turn it off. lol.


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