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(this is a reprint of an oldie – since I am out on vacation and likely, seriously hungover)

I LOVE it when a GOOD zombie movie is made, because there are SO MANY shitty ones out there – it’s like every kid that goes through film school has to make at least one undead movie. For every excellent “28 Days / Weeks Later” there’s 20 “Automaton Transfusions” and “Forest of the Deads”. Thusly, I normally stay away from the garbage out there and spend my time with other things. But – a few months ago the moderate, straight laced Daily Newspaper bothered to review this in the movie section and it got my attention. I mean, if the prudes at the newspaper liked it – maybe there was something to it.  So – on my day off the other day I rented it up and was very pleased with the short, one hour job we got. If you’re not into gore, this isn’t gory; it’s not like it tries to be “scary” either, or really that tense; it’s just kind of an hour and ten minutes of a good story.


The semi-ugly lead there in the movie poster below has travelled from Vienna to Berlin to try and make up with his ex girlfriend, an also semi-ugly lady who lives in an apartment complex there with a bunch of normal looking neighbors.  It just dawned on me what this is about – this isn’t a horror-gore, or a find the super hero to save everyone movie – it’s about what the normal people do when the zombie catastrophe hits. So the normal male lead grabs his cajones and heads upstairs to his ex’s flat and she’s not there, but there are two handymen in there working on the pipes (or something). Within the first ten minutes of the movie one of the workers has turned into the undead and has already tried to kill the other two men. They escape, blockade the door and then watch, with the other residents as the carnage unfolds in the apartment courtyard.  I guess this is one of those places where the bathroom is shared and down the hall because we experience important but mundane things like where to pee, where to crap,  what are we going to eat, and such. Eventually, one of the residents from across the way announces that his wife has been bitten, has the virus and he’s keeping her sedated – but he has run out of sedatives, but he’s got plenty of food for anyone if they’ll break into the local junkies’ flat and bring him more.


Our two males leads decide to do just that and that’s when the movie really gets going. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s an unsuccessful reunion with the ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend, a bunch of action, and then the satisfying end. This was totally worth the price of the rental. Don’t expect too much zombie gore, too much blood or someone trying to save the day – just that this is what is going on in the background of “28 Days Later” so to speak – what the regular people do.



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