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+ 1 (2013) +? -? = …


So…. yeah…. some of this is a really fucking cool movie. But some of it isn’t. Some of this is almost balls our awesome. But then again some of it isn’t. How can we go about this….? HMMMM…. SPOILERS ahead.


I don’t remember when it was that I saw the trailer for this but I did at some point in the past and it made this movie look like it was going to be some serious fucking shit that I would love. Then we went on vacation and got back and I looked at the TV one day and it was out “before it hits theaters” so I paid 8 bucks to rent it and then the wife decided to do her work out on the stationary bike and she was all “I don’t want to watch that while I work out”, so I paused it and then she – being the loving wife that she is – figured out a way to work her iPad and watch something on that with her headphones so I started this back up and then the doorbell started fucking ringing and the dogs were barking and the phone was ringing so I aborted and hoped to watch it the next day.


Well, the next day was our anniversary so we slept in and then went out to get a fancy lunch and did some shopping so we got back in the afternoon and I wanted to start this up again but we had to move some furniture around and this table we bought for this place in our house didn’t fit and that was frustrating but I eventually fired this back up and got about 30 minutes into before my rental expired. I was really liking it so far so I paid another 8 bucks to finish it and then……. the house party portion of this thing started. This thing had started SO good with long, deliberate shots, good looking camera work, slow burning scenes and then they all go to this party and it’s all girls gone wild and extra loud music and vomiting and a nude Asian woman with food on her like a buffet and flaming tennis balls being volleyed around the living room and yelling and screaming and some outrageous fucking and boobs and buttcracks and dancing and singing and all sorts of shit – it was like a joke.


And then it all slows down again for three minutes while we establish the +1 aspect of the film. A comet or meteor or something has slammed into the Earth and some sort of electricity is travelling through the power grid – then the power goes out and everyone has an exact replica of them in the house, doing what they did twenty minutes prior. Which is actually pretty fucking cool. I don’t want to get into  too much about what I believe in but I believe everything (our electricity) travels in infinite circles and that’s how we meet and have Deja Vu and once our bodies expire we take it up again, spinning and spinning. So, in this movie, the concept of two universes colliding and intercepting really sounded cool and it was going good until the party started. But then we got into it and it was looking good again and then they cut to more partying, outside in a rave type of thing.


So we get ten minutes of cool, atmospheric story telling and then ten minutes of girls gyrating on a stage with tape over their nurples and everyone’s waving glow sticks and screaming and dancing. Cut back to the house for some more interesting action and back out to the rave for some grinding and pumping.  It just didn’t make sense. Good, good, yes, nice!!, what?? why?? huh?? Good! Another thing that I didn’t love (even though it was handled well) –


Once everyone figures out that there are doubles of them out there, they all go crazy and start killing their counterparts, their +1s. Why? I mean, if another version of me walked into my office the first thing that would NOT come to my mind would be to brutally kill myself. I would probably suggest we go out and get some lunch and a beer. Also – I probably wouldn’t make out with myself like these one chicks did. Anyway – most of this movie is pretty good, but I would have preferred much less obnoxious partying to some more moody atmosphere. But – I did really like the way it looked (and the red headed twins).


  1. Hmmmmm… I like the sound of the concept, but it sounds like it bombed at times. Also, I didn’t think that The Last House On The Left was bad, so the director was ok for that (sherbet, better check that again this weekend before I become a defender :P)

    Nice write up.

    Such a nice way to treat yourself – lunch and a beer. Would be good to observe yourself as others see you.


      • GaryLee828

        I used to feel the exact same way; my thing was that he was extremely dull – to the point he just seemed annoying. Even in “Training Day” with Denzel he made the movie dull. But he does take on some good movies, like “Sinister”. So if you see a movie you think looks good that has him in it you should give it a try, as he usually doesn’t take away too much from the film. “The Purge” is worth a watch. It’s a great concept, but was poorly executed in my opinion. You may like it a lot more than me. I will tell you, though, Hawke didn’t take away from the movie. He was tolerable, as he was in “Sinister”. He didn’t add to the movie and make it better as some other actors can do, but he didn’t hurt them, either. I do feel he hurt “Training Day” though. But I just didn’t like that movie in general, even with Denzel who is my favorite actor. But I do think the dorky actor from “Plus One” who tried to be a menacing villain in “The Purge” was one of the movies biggest downfalls. I don’t know his name; you’d recognize him if you eve watched “The Purge”. You should watch it just so you can form your own opinion.


  2. The Heretic

    Sounds like “Never Let Me Go” on a drunk, acid induced raver, alternate reality, brutal murder bender instead of the depressing reality of that film.


  3. I don’t know about the movie, but it sounds like our life, especially the dogs barking except our don’t merely bark, they sing. The children of the night and all that. They point their furry muzzles at the ceiling and sing their little hearts out while we all yell “Shut the fuck UP” … Life. It may be messy, but consider the alternative?


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