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For those of you that remember, we use to do a series of interviews over here on the ipc – remember them?? They were so fun and creative and interactive and everything. By the time I kind of quit them – well wait – let’s look at me for a sec. For anyone born in the 70s, like I was, astrology could be important in their lives. It always was significant in mine… as a Sagittarius, I’m not good with schedules and people telling me what to do and whatnot so, those past interviews, while I loved them greatly, I kind of got burned out on producing them each Thursday and asking the same questions each time. If you missed them because we’re just now hanging out, you can see the old ones HERE and HERE. Well, I’ve missed them a great deal, so we’re going to fire them back up starting soon with an interview with a good friend… all new questions.. all new answers… and a new hope to keep doing these – often with new questions each time – for each subject. I’m thinking maybe once or twice a month (I’m not a reporter, so thinking up thought provoking questions can prove time consuming). Because these questions are fucking thought provoking as hell!!! They’ll blow your fucking mind!!! Anyway – I hope you’ll stay tuned to see a brilliant interview with – NO SPOILERS!!

Obviously, you haven’t read the new interview because it hasn’t been published yet, maybe you could check out a few of the old ones and let me know if you’d like to be involved with one in the future?? I never want to be a bother to anyone so I won’t pester you. If you’re interested, just let me know in a comment or an email to – and you don’t have to be a blogger. We had plenty of greatness with other Good People who don’t blog. Please let me know! Sign up!!

Also – our friend at Silver Screen Serenade is running some fun-ness over at her site called NOOOvember!! where we write about something we were totally disappointed in, so I cleaned myself up and put on some shoes and wrote up a piece for it that we would love for you to go read. You can head over and check  it out by:



  1. Like like like likity like! Thanks for the shoutout and THANK YOU AGAIN. Fantastic start to NOOOOvember. These interviews are hilarious!!! I didn’t even know you had these gems!!! Very fun idea. 🙂


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