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I remember when this came out where I live – straight to VOD and they were NOT sporting this movie poster. I think it was a girl with blood coming out of her mouth and the summary indicated it was Israeli with subtitles, so I passed it off as a movie I would have to pay for to read about people with rabies over in Israel. That just didn’t sound like my type of thing. Then Joseph from The Cinema Monster came around asking if I’d seen it and I told him that same story and he was all “NOOOOOOOOOOOO Rabies is good!! I thought this would be your type of movie!”  So I was all “OK” and picked it up and god damn!! this was fantastic AND my type of movie! There’s really not much about it that I didn’t like other than the terrible, misleading title that has nothing to do with anything. Everyone should totally give this a shot if you ever get a chance.


In this movie that has nothing to do with rabies, we encounter a serial killer, a ranger and his dog, a brother and sister, four tennis players and a couple of cops all intermingling out in the forest – with deadly – and fun – results. Did you ever see VERY BAD THINGS? I like how when I was looking through the *link this* module here, number one on my *link to Very Bad Things* option was JUG FACE. Fucking JUG FACE. Hilarious – not the movie – the title. I still liked it though, somewhat. Anyway, remember how things in Very Bad Things just kept getting more and more and more out of control? Well that was a comedy and this has a little humor but it’s reminiscent of that – things just keep getting worse and worse and bloodier and bloodier as time goes on. It was awesome!


We start off with a woman down in a hole. Why? We have no idea but a man opens a slot and starts talking to her about how she’s in some sort of trap set by a madman and he leaves to figure out how to open it up and we hear some slashing and ripping. Cut to four youths driving around in a car talking about sex when they pull over so that blond girl there can piss. When she gets back in the car they fire it up and BLAMMO – run into something. Cut to this forest ranger and his dog and his coworker and she heads off to work and he hear something in the woods so he cocks his gun and heads off.


I don’t want to just sit here and go into the entire plot – because you should see this to enjoy it, but eventually they all intermingle in some fashion and – well – it’s worth your time, shitty title or not. I would be surprised to find someone who’s seen it that didn’t enjoy this in some fashion. I could have used a little more closure on one of the characters but – oh well… this is definitely worth your time…



  1. YES! Love this flick! The only reason I ended up watching it was because I was going to see Big Bad Wolves and wanted to watch the directors first feature which is Rabies…thank god I did. I think you’ll love Big Bad Wolves even more, pure brilliance. So happy you enjoyed this one. Since you told me to watch Absentia, I needed to return the favour :).


      • GaryLee828

        Okay, I’m going to watch soon. I have seen it online several times, but always been on the fence about it and passed.


      • GaryLee828

        I just watched this and this movie absolutely SUCKED! It was soooooooo dumb! I felt like I was watching a Farrelly Brothers movie. Everywhere you turned someone was getting killed off in an implausible way. I guess I will be the first to have experienced this and not have anything positive to say about it. There’s not a single thing I liked about this movie. The forest didn’t look THAT big! It’s not like they were in the Grand freakin’ Canyon. There’s no way the group of friends couldn’t have found their way back to one another at some point. If the forest was as gigantic as the film implied, then HOW could others keep bumping into each other without anyone seeing them coming from a mile away? How did the cop sneak up on the 2 girls in the woods if the forest is so humungous? How did the Ranger let his dog get so far out of his sight he allowed his dog to be grabbed and stabbed by a serial killer? And WHERE did the serial killer hide throughout this movie when everyone else was in the forest getting blown up, chopped up, or stoned to death?

        Damn it, EI, I thought your job was to protect us from these kinds of movies; not recommend them! I may have to submit this piece of junk to Shitfest! If “Seasoning House” sucks like this I’m coming to OKC to punch you in the face! lol. Then your gonna buy me a ticket to a Thunder game!


      • theipc

        WOW – what can I say? I liked it – quite a bit. To each their own and all of that. I don’t think I’ve read anyone who has had some negativity about this but my community is pretty small and I don’t give two shits to the opinions on IMDB.

        Oh well – I hope you like Seasoning House. For some reason, now I’m thinking you might not.

        Either way, as of 3:40 Central, you’re not allowed within 500 feet of me.

        : )


      • GaryLee828

        When she got blown up by that mine I just rolled my eyes; and then when the blonde walked the street and shot at the cop and then he just decided to run her over; and then of course the cop prefers to go home to delete messages instead of go to a hospital. Dude would rather bleed to death than risk the possibility of his wife leaving him. lol. How can anyone take this silliness crazy? I felt like I was watching Dumb & Dumber 2, but I know that doesn’t come out until next year.

        Are you saying that “The Seasoning House” has a bunch of far-fetched, implausible scenarios?


      • theipc

        I’ll have to wait to reply since we’re getting ready to finally watch / record Typhoid Mary. I hope you like “House”.


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