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For those of you who have been hanging around with me for a while – do you remember my old Half Ass Reviews website? Do you know why I never update it any longer? Because I forgot my password and never felt like resetting it… and recently I thought about firing it up again but now I don’t remember my login… that’s how Half Ass I can get… anyway, I thought I would fire this feature back up occasionally because some things just don’t warrant any sort of time spent on them – but I want to give my thoughts on what I watch. (Plus I don’t do comedies that well)

If you ever wanted to see what I could come up with for a comedy on a larger scale basis, I would only love it if you would click this link here



Otherwise, let’s see what we’ve got.


I thought the first movie was pretty funny and the Zach G character / actor was silly but new. I found part two to be OK but he was quickly getting old based on being the same character in everything he does. I eventually rented part 3 just to get it over with and every character in here is old and tired and this was dumb. I do have to admit that my sphincter was totally puckering when they were going over the roof of Caesar’s Palace. 

Oh – if you were curious – you do get to see Ken Jeong’s Helmet in the Bush. If you’re not familiar with that colloquialism, think about it for five seconds. A dud end to an OK trilogy. 

Also – in case you missed it – I did a little piece for the Robert DeNiro blogathon “Analyzing DeNiro” over at YOU TALKIN’ TO ME for RONIN – I would love it if you checked it out!!


  1. Nice half ass review. 🙂 This is the sort of review I feel like doing for most movies, especially comedies. I watched the first film. Meh. Saw about two minutes of the second and it involved something about a guy having drunken sex with a woman who was actually a man or something and it seemed pretty damn schtoopid so I didn’t bother watching it. Comedies suck these days!


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