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(This is actually a reprint of an older post I did that no one ever saw – because I had some days off and watched this again)

I believe three TH is an appropriate rating for this movie, although the last 30 minutes are very good. I might also believe that I need to look up the definition of “thriller” because the “thrillers” I have rented lately are not really that thrilling, but good or not-so-good dramas. Anyway, this Scottish job features an actress known to me as Lysa Arryn – the breast-feeding-her-12-year-old-son from Game of Thrones (Kate Dickie) and an actor I know as Vincent van Gogh from Doctor Who a series ago (Tony Curran). The synopsis of Red Road is going to contain spoilers, so, if anyone wants to watch this and not know what’s coming, stop after this next sentence. This is a pretty good Scottish movie about a woman who has run into someone from her past that she doesn’t want to see, but for some reason she is compelled to make her way into his life.


Kate – “Jackie” – is a worker for the city at a place called “City Eye” – a government run surveillance unit of closed circuit TVs set up all around Glasgow to help keep an eye on its citizens and prevent crime. She’s mopey yet caring for the people she watches and even has uninteresting sex with her coworker out in a field. One night she is watching the streets when she takes notice of a couple having The Coitus up against a graffiti strewn wall in the ghetto. Once the man is finished, he shucks off his rubber and turns to face the camera. Somehow, through the graininess of videotape, she notices it is the face of a man named Clyde, a man sent to prison for something nine years ago, but he was supposed to be released in ten. This upsets her greatly but we are not told why until she mysteriously seems to be falling in love with him (or is she) and they themselves end up doing The Devil’s Business in what I don’t think was a simulated sex scene.  Why? After they finish up she freaks out, grabs his used condom and heads to the elevator where she makes it look like she was raped, even hitting herself in the head with a jagged rock.


In a side story that doesn’t really work too well since it is seen through the CCTV monitor and extremely hazy, we learn that Clyde has a daughter whose mom has told her that her dad is dead. Shortly after Jackie watches the cops haul off Clyde for her rape, she sees his daughter stroll up to his flat – she knows he’s not dead after all. This gives her a change of heart and she clears the charges. All of this leads up to the big pay off that Clyde, high on crack, ran Jackie’s husband and daughter down in cold blood nine years ago and she was out for revenge by framing him for attacking her. There you go – we get an hour and a half of moody brooding, then the big sex scene and the hit the rock in the face and the cops and the daughter and the “YOU KILLED MY FAMILY!!!”  and the “at least your daughter knew she was loved” and the Jackie finally can go talk to the husband’s parents now and the end.

I would write some more but that is probably enough and my computer is really acting up…


  1. Wow the plot for this thing sounds kind of ridiculous. People get released from prison early sometimes, but you don’t have to go bashing yourself in the face with a rock because of it.


    • theipc

      : )

      It’s not too bad – a little slow at times but the ending is fantastic-o : )

      Just think of all of the Whos you can read on the other site : )


      • GaryLee828

        I went and saw the “Carrie” remake yesterday and it was much better than the original; all of the issues I pointed out in that entry i wrote last week were rectified in the remake. I actually think you’d like the remake a lot; it feels very much like your kind of movie. You should give it a rent when it becomes available.


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