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I know I’m late to the soiree on this one, but due to the generally negative response this has gotten from all of you beautiful people, I put this wayyyyy off until I could find it for free. The other day I gave it a watch and I was having a good, creepy time with it… Chastain was doing pretty awesome and looking good about it, the kids were creepy and the shadowy bumps in darkened rooms were almost chilling. And then – well – let’s not put lipstick on a pig and just get this out there – the first time they actually showed Mama I LOL-d. I mean, really?? That’s the best they could do??


I think they made a terrible decision to use a CGI ghost Mama. And just look at those fingers. What the fuck? WHY?? Why didn’t they use a real actress with make-up?? I think she showed up about half way through and the rest of the movies was ruined for me. And then the end was so stupid I couldn’t get over it.


I mean, I got past the fact that when they find the kids out in the cabin in the woods they look like this:


And the fact that they’ve been eating nothing but cherries their whole lives and that they go to their new home and eat bugs, but this??????


I just couldn’t get over myself with it. It was absolutely a complete show stopper. I really wanted to like this too. I wanted to come back and say, “What’s all the fuss about? This was good. That scene where the kids go running up the stairs was awesome! The dude from Game of Thrones wasn’t that bad. C’mon, this was good.” Β But I can’t say that. This movie disappointed me to the point of no return and I can’t recommend this at all. Β The only good thing about this movie was Jessica Chastain running around the house in a tank top.




  1. It does ruin the scary factor for a scary movie when you find the monster/ghost/villain laughable. But then on the flip side of that, if you can find it laughable you can use it to run a month-long contest for crappy movies. Hey, now there’s an idea! πŸ˜‰


      • GaryLee828

        Yes, how fantastic was the ending of “The Ring”? I saw it at the theater and the theater roared at the ending like we were at a sporting event; it was one of the best theater experiences I’ve had.

        Also, how much better would “Spider Man” have been had they allowed Dafoe to play Green Goblin with prosthetics instead of that lame armor. Goblin could have been terrifying and the studio dropped the ball and missed a great opportunity to create a memorable and classic villain.

        Prosthetics > CGI


      • GaryLee828

        They didn’t cheer; they were screaming. lol. Some of us were on our feet like it was a sporting event. The ending was epic!


  2. Victor De Leon

    Good review. I think I enjoyed it much more than you did but it was indeed flawed. They lingered a bit too much on CGI Mama for my taste, so I agree there. I did like the ending, though. It is a polarizing ending for many horror fans but I thought it was unconventional. Good post and keep them coming! πŸ™‚


  3. i didn’t like it either. I feel I should like this guy’s stuff because it’s dark and imaginative, which I like a lot, but I’ve seen three of his films and I just don’t. The other two were Mala Noche and Pan’s Labyrinth. Good ideas which is why I’m drawn to them but I don’t think the promise is kept, Or something,,,


  4. drakulus23

    I agree with you. I was loving the movie at first but then I saw Mama and just lost all interest in the movie. I think it would have been better if we didn’t see her at all. It keeps the suspense of the movie up.


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