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Hi everybody! It’s early in December and I had mentioned a while back that we would do a SHITFEST WINTER in January (if everyone wanted).  I’ve yet to receive any submissions but it’s still on if you want to do this. I know everyone covets this trophy:

shitfest excitement

SHITFEST doesn’t have to be a full 30 days of beautiful posts from around the world – but it would be nice to have more than just a couple from myself – LOL. So – if you’re still in, send me something over to and I’ll work on getting them all fixed up. And remember – you don’t have to be a blogger to enter the big contest.

The rules are simple: any genre, any year – it is just appreciated that the entry be original. But – if you’re strapped for time I would accept something you wrote a long time ago that no one’s ever read. Also – I’ll accept multiple entries from you but, in the event that this should fill up, I would only do one per person – so, if you want to drop five my way, let me know which one you would want to go the most. 

I – and the voters – love when you include pictures. Most of the time when pics are sent, they come over as attachments, so if you do grace us with pretty pictures, be sure to let me know where you want them in the text.

Lastly – I have been busier than usual lately so if anyone wanted to volunteer – pro bono – to help me out with headers and such, I would appreciate it.

Lastly lastly, if there’s not enough interest we’ll skip til later in the year and hang around doing this:



  1. Long live Shitfest!!!!
    Very excited about this. I will get to work on my entry immediately. And maybe I’ll start clearing a space on the shelf for another trophy while I’m at it.


      • I knew it!!

        OHHHH!! That picture just jogged my peanut brain that you made a cameo in a dream I had last night! I was sitting in a German restaurant looking at an iPad and I don’t know if it was your blog or you had a Twitter page (which I don’t think you have here in the real world) and there was like a Vine video where you were holding up I think a cat statue much like the trophy up there and you were extremely excited about it and you mentioned the same German restaurant I was in and I shouted at the iPad something like, “Hey that’s where I am! Are you in town or something??” but you didn’t hear me because it was a video and all, then I’m not sure what happened I think Gremlins attacked and I had to get out of there.


      • theipc

        I had a dream that I was trapped at work because it was flooding outside so I was preparing to stay the night with all of my work people and I was filled with dread.


      • Wow, a myriad of thoughts is running through my walnut brain right now lol.

        a) I’m honoured to have made such a remarkable cameo.

        b) What is this twitter thing you speak of?

        c) You basically just wrote the plot for a Gremlins sequel in your dreams, amazing!

        d) were you eating schnitzel?


      • Socks eh? Maybe I should give this twitter thing a whirl. I’ve got plenty of socks.

        Also, I predict Das Gremlins will have an even bigger opening weekend than The Avengers. Like 4 times bigger!!


  2. You know me! I’m in! I was just thinking if it was on a few days ago. Its been pretty busy on my end so I finally found some time to breathe. I’ll work on it this weekend hopefully and get it over to you. If you need help with anything, just say so. I’d love to help but I’m not all that great with computer stuff, like headers….so anything else, just email me 🙂


  3. nicolenevermind76

    Woohoo! I’m definitely in for this one. Now just need to figure out which terrible, terrible horror movie I want to enter. Hmmmmm… *gleeful*


  4. Can I just say that I LOOOOVE the Game of Thrones graphic with this? Wonderful. Also, remember that terrible movie I mentioned in my interview? I might be able to do that. Maybe. I’ll keep you posted. LONG LIVE SHITFEST!!!!!


    • theipc


      I know – exactly. That would be fucking hell and worse than a bunch of these movies I watch.

      BTW – because I am all about honesty and keeping the record straight – ran into Perm Guy again this morning and it wasn’t quite as “tight” as it was yesterday. Maybe he’s going for that naturally curly look…


  5. GaryLee828

    What do you think about running SF Winter in February instead of January? B/c people are so busy in December w/ the holidays and New Years, it could prevent as many people from participating, and it’s going to get boring reading 30 SF submissions by Eric Isaacs. lol.

    *Also, if you hold it in February, there could be a special Valentine’s Day entry; that could be funny. You could post a special post on Valentine’s Day where we stop by and drop a comment with our shitiest romantic movie and the next day you peruse all submissions and decide who wins, and whoever wins earns “one extra vote” for their SF entry.

    Just some ideas so that you can get the most out of the contest. You definitely want to get as many participants as possible, and I think you may be able to get more in February than January.


    • theipc

      I would be open to it but I got a bunch of commits yesterday – I don’t want to flip flop. It doesn’t have to be the whole month – if it is great – if not – it will just be a couple of weeks.

      And trust me – I wouldn’t put out 30 posts of my own for just shit….


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