Isaacs Picture Conclusions




I watched this when I was a kid and really liked it. I watched it almost 30 years later and – not so much. In fact, it was noisy and loud and, quite frankly, irritating. So much so that I can’t muster the energy to do a full post. Government control, commercialism and escapism is the story and it takes over 2 and half hours to get to the end. Robert DeNiro is fun as a freelance, guerrilla HVAC guy but that was really about it. Michael Palin is always funny but Jonathan Pryce really bothered me this time around. Oh well. Since this post is so short I’ll try and come out with something more inspiring later today.


  1. Lol – This is the kind of review I should do for Carrie. But I’ve decided I’ll sleep instead after all. And I’m surprised no one has come here to yell at you yet – some people LOVE this movie! I know the hubby likes it a lot. I dunno. It was okay.


  2. The Heretic

    I actually dig this movie, I have sat through all three cuts of this film (the director’s cut is my fave). Although I know not everyone is into it, especially if you have sat through the U.S. edit of the film or you just didn’t flat out like it. At least it isn’t Garbage Pail Kids or Cool As Ice or BMX or Thrashin’ or Leonard Part 6 or the two Meatballs sequels or any movie that the artist formerly then retroactively named but then formerly but still can’t escape being called Prince made or Give My Regards To Broadway, etc.


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