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Hi everyone – I just wanted to take a minute to come out here and tell you how much you all mean to me.  I never, ever figured more than one or two people would read this place much less ever come back but look at what we’ve been able to do. We have fun conversations and back and forths and I feel like I’ve genuinely made friends who I would like to go meet someday if I had any money. I’ve always been a really shy fucker and it took me a lot to break out of my shell and entertain with you all – and this blog has become a big part of my life. I wish I could buy you all presents for the upcoming holiday whether you practice it or not. This place was originally designed to be a place where myself and a work friend could gripe about shitty movies and the other day I reached a significant milestone in how many people have looked at this place. It blows my fucking mind so I just really wanted to come out here and say thank you and that I love you in that way that doesn’t mean I want to make it with you but that I appreciate you more than you could know.




  1. VIRTUAL HUGS!!! My life would be significantly less bright with The IPC. For example, I wouldn’t have just had a little chuckle about how “Boobs” somehow made it into the tags, even though this post has absolutely nothing to do with boobs. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! ❤


  2. You’re welcome. I feel all emotional now! I always look forward to reading your posts and your reviews on the latest shitty movies so I know what to avoid…or actively search out.


    • theipc

      All right all right… I just want anyone who clicks on the category “boobs” to be directed here to this post about my pie eating loved ones.


  3. Aww. How sweet! 🙂 Thank YOU for being one of the earliest people looking at my blog when I had nothing interesting to say. Not that I do now, either… And I’m glad I stuck around here because when I first looked at your blog I was a little scared by the creepy pictures & odd movie titles & thought you might be a serial killer. (Well, I suppose you still could be!) 😉 But you’d be one of those nice ones where people later say “he always seemed so nice!” Lol. I’m glad I’ve probably helped you reach that milestone and plan to continue working my way through that alphabet. And I love the Twitter chats! I’ve had many days where I’ve been in a horrible mood after work and those Twitter poop chats have cheered me up. 🙂 (Seriously)


  4. Tom

    Cheers man, you’ve got a great thing going here. I’m so glad I could bump into you via the internets. . . .you seem like a cool dude I could possibly have a six pack and go break things with. 😀 Perhaps one day.


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