Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Sometimes it’s difficult to review independent movies like these. According to IMDB, this was made for 10 Grand, had a staff of three, a cast of five, it made me jump about six times and I want to come out and defend it and give it four top hats and I may be thin but I am tall and l have a lot of torque and I’ll punch you if you go dogging it because I want to meet these guys and drink beer with them and make a movie with them and I appreciate everything they did here.


But – because the budget was so small and independent, the screenwriter is the lead and he only has one inflection and facial expression and the set is the director’s house and the dialogue is REALLY iffy and our lead wears the same thing for 90 straight days and his beard doesn’t grow and some scenes drag out WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too long and I have a feeling that not many people are going to like this because it’s so slow… except for the people involved with this…. and me. I didn’t love it like I loved GRAVITY or anything – but being a solitary, shy guy and – I’m not the type of guy who likes big attention – I prefer a small group of friends and not a lot of activity and don’t like a lot of pomp and circumstance and shit – but I liked it and this is Our Little Secret in our secret handshake club.


So yeah – I liked it. Granted some of it was boring and the dialogue and acting were iffy but, I try and look at the whole thing and, after it was over – after all was said and done, I look back on it like this: “Fuck yeah, guys – good job! I wish you good fortune and success – with a big budget you guys can do something very appealing. Now don’t go sell out.”


LOL – I actually have one of these toys – Scrotey gave me one a long time ago. Let me see if I can find it.


Forgive the dust – that’s a shelf behind the upstairs TV that the cleaners can’t get to. Also – look what else I ran across…..


That’s “Official Name” Demora (look that one up), AKA Mz. Kit, AKA Kitten, AKA Kittie Kittie AKA The Spook (because she kind of lurks and just pops up occasionally when you don’t expect it). But anyway – back to the movie. A dude and his old lady rent a haunted house, on purpose, so he can get scared and write a book about it. I really liked the girlfriend, Liesel Kopp (I also really like that name Liesel). She didn’t act her ass off and have super toned legs and striking beauty and enormous cans – she was normal and regular and pretty and —-> believable.  So, they rent this house and things don’t go bump in the night until one day shit starts to happen and she bails and he’s stuck there alone.


And that’s actually where this starts to get a little drawn out. There’s some good jump scenes during the 45 minute filler but the pieces around them are kind of restless making… This doesn’t bother me from an overall movie perspective, but I suspect it might bother some of The Most Beloveds. “I don’t regret making the decision to watch this movie.” ISAACS PICTURE CONCLUSIONS.


Also – don’t forget to head over to Zoe’s site to see our updates on the third Harry Pooter movie – if her site isn’t already your homepage, you can get there easily by:



  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your opening paragraph had me sold. Six jumps? I am there!

    “I may be thin but I am tall and l have a lot of torque and I’ll punch you if you go dogging it…” the violence begins! Must have been alright if you are prepared to go to such lengths to defend it.

    Alright, I am officially on sourcing this.


  2. This write-up made me laugh. A lot. As for the film’s weaker attributes, it seems like it inevitably had to succumb to the all-too-familiar trappings of low-budget execution. This in mind, the film sounds like it’s right up my alley. Keep up the good work!


    • theipc

      Hey! I hope you like it! and THANKS!!

      I was actually pretty impressed with what they WERE able to pull off with nothing but beans for a budget –

      thanks for reading!!


  3. Haha! What I got from this was “This is good for the budget but it’s kind of shit but I appreciate it so I don’t want to say it’s shit. Annnnd here’s my cat & some Packer stuff & a Xmas Story leg lamp!” 🙂

    Liesel is the hot one in The Sound Of Music.

    Oh, and I’m behind on your Harry Pooter (that didn’t sound right). Hope to catch up on the required reading at least a little this weekend!


    • theipc

      LOL – it’s really not shit but some of it is a little boring – probably because they didn’t have enough money to do enough ghost shit so they spent too much time talking. It sure looks good though.

      And LOL – I did want to showcase my shelf of treasures – who knew Nunzilla would be that bridge?? : )

      Is Harry Potter getting his Pavel Chekoved?????


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