Isaacs Picture Conclusions


This reblog is to test a couple of things for the upcoming holidays. 1) I want to see if have figured out how to mess with a reblog and not jack up my theme I pay for and 2) this is one of my favorite posts I’ve done and I would only love it if some of the new Most Beloveds would like to check it out and 3) I could copy the post but I don’t want to lose all of the previous comments and 4) I heart you all. Except Brian. It is purely a sexual thing between Brian and I. Or do I mean “asexual” thing?

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

When I first decided to try and write about The Warriors, I went into this thinking that this was a classic that everyone was familiar with and I might face some harsh judgement from critics with whatever I had to say. Then I showed the Netflix sleeve to Mary and she said something like “What is this? A comedy or something?” and I replied with with “Huh?? That’s one of my favorite movies, what are you an alien??” And I got “Uh, OK, I don’t know about this.” so I told her to “Beat it, kid” and then went about my business. A little bit later, my friend Jeffrey J came into my office to ask about something and I was like, “do you remember this???” and he looked at it and said something to the effect of, “Never heard of it” and I thought to myself, “who are these…

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  1. Well I grew up in Northern Ireland in the 80s so instead of gangs we had paramilitary terrorist groups. Which was odd!

    And I love The Warriors with a passion so Jeffrey J should book himself straight into Guantanamo for not knowing this classic


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