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Well, poop. Remember a week or so ago when I came out here talking about BRAZIL and said that I really liked it as a kid but basically couldn’t stand it when I watched it thirty years later? Well – that’s about how it went with this one too. I remember going to see this in the theater back when it came out and I remembered really liking it and then I watched it again the other day and, honestly, it was pretty stupid. I don’t know if they were clowning around and trying to be funny on purpose or what, but the comedy aspect of this was just plain irritating, the monsters were totally ridiculous and dumb and when they finally get to the point of why all of this is happening in the first fucking place, it doesn’t make any sense at all and I wish I had just left this alone. I mean, what is this????:


So… in a fury of 80s Stardom, The Greatest American Hero is a famous writer who is struggling to write his memoir about his time in Vietnam. His aunt hangs herself in her home so he and his Perm move into her house next door to Norm from Cheers and he is promptly haunted by the ghost of his Vietnam buddy, Bull from Night Court.


Wacky and zany Scooby Doo shenanigans ensue and monsters pop out of closet doors and somehow the house is suddenly on the perilous side of a cliff and this is all bullshit. I actually kind of hated this movie for the most part and – wow – this has been a rough week for movies on the site here. I have actually watched some good stuff recently I am just so behind on writing that I haven’t been able to get to them… this “Say Auf Wiedersehen to your Nazi balls!!!!” and some other good stuff but I haven’t got around to writing about them : ( Hopefully soon!


Oh well – at least there was a little bit of this:



  1. I think you’re denying your inner child (my psycho-iatrist told me that once). I watched it last year and it wasn’t nearly as funny as I thought it was years ago but most comedies (or movies for that matter) are representative of what the people need at that time. I recently watched a Sam Kinerson and Dice Clay stand-up live show from the 80’s and wasn’t all that impressed. That being said, this almost seemed like a kid’s movie that was a little too scary for kids but not funny enough to be a time-transcending comedy. At one time I thought it was comedy gold – go figure?


  2. The Heretic

    My guess with this film is either the writers or directors saw the first Evil Dead (because the second one wasn’t released until 1987) and decided to try the same thing, but in a suburban neighborhood. I went through the same thing watching this one again a few months ago. I still like the second one because it is just so goofy. The weird part about the House movies isn’t the films themselves or plots, but how the first two films do not relate to one another, and then by what should’ve been the third movie instead of the fourth they return to the first one, but taking place years later, and William Katt’s character being dead. The third film wasn’t supposed to be a House film, but ended up being labelled the third film in the series because of probably marketing or maybe when it went through distribution (Kind of like a lot of martial arts films from the seventies and eighties that have like four or five different titles in the states because more than one company was distributing them) .


      • The Heretic

        If you do, my only suggestion is don’t go past the second one. The other two will leave you cringing (especially the final film, at least that is my opinion on them.


  3. Brazil never stopped being brilliant, you just aren’t hip to Terry Gilliam’s body of work from 12 Monkeys back through Monty Python. And I’ll give “House” credit for the Richard Moll character; he reminds me of Wall of Voodoo vocalist Stan Ridgeway’s song “Camouflage” about the ghost of a Marine.


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