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This is a strange movie – and I don’t mean strange like some LSD trippy movie from the late 60s. It’s weird, because some of this thing is absolutely beautiful, like there’s this scene at 1:10 that was fucking wicked and some of the blood effects are downright grizzly. Oh – and the use of extreme slo-mo here and there was perfect for me. But then there’s some questionable use of flashback and voiceover that seemed really out of place and some of the plot that makes up the story just didn’t quite fit but, after watching this and thinking about if for a day, I think I really liked it but I don’t know if it’s going to be for everyone who looks at this place.

Set in Hungary – five people rob a bank and hole up in a hotel out in the woods. There’s one guy that’s the ringleader of sorts and his hair is always perfectly coiffed and he smokes a lot of cigarettes . Also featured prominently is a good looking lady named Kristina Klebe who does a lot of staring and PG-13 disrobing who appears to be at the hotel for a “reason”, which is semi-explained, but I won’t spoil it. There’s some other characters in here that are there to look pretty and end up dead at some point and then there’s the fucking creepy looking bad guy (at the bottom of this post).


So – some of the scenes and shots in this are really cool and effective – at least to me anyway but then, every ten or fifteen minutes there’s a flashback involving this mystery man giving us the history of Bela Kiss – a serial killer from before World War 1. And these flashbacks are all weirdly CGI-d all over the place. So we have some very cool, long sweeping shots, brilliant slow motion action and then blurry and blue or purple CGI flashbacks with voice-over. I think, if you are able to get over them, you’ll probably like this one, but that could be asking a lot. I personally think this is better than the 3.8 IMDB has for it.


I guess that’s about all I can say, because I don’t want to spoil it (if anyone else wants to see it). It’s creepy and slow – and it’s not going to scare the fuck out of you by any means – but I thought it was good enough. If this is, indeed, a prologue, you can sign me up to see the second one. *shrugs* I’ve seen MUCH worse than this. Just check out my site here : )



And – don’t forget to check out Zoe and my thoughts on the 19th movie in the Harry Potter franchise – The Order of the Phoenix. You can jump there by clicking anywhere on this paragraph.


  1. I’m glad you reviewed this one because I recently watched it as well and was never motivated enough to write one myself. It’s a solid little flick at times because it’s very well shot and there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the film for most of it. But then, like you said, those flashbacks come in and they took me completely out of it. Also, I felt like the end of the film fell pretty flat because of all those damn flashbacks I was no longer surprised by the outcome. I can see some people getting a kick out of it though. 2/5


    • theipc

      Yep… the end really felt drawn out and kind of ugly but I am trying to be optimistic that it’s a decent set up for part 2 – I guess we’ll see….


  2. That poster is creepy as shit. As is the bald dude down the bottom. I went to a film festival once and there was a dude there that looked exactly like that. We christened him ‘the Alien’.


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