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Hey everyone – the year is rounding down and I had planned on starting up the new SHITFEST on January 6th – but I know everyone has been busy with the holidays so I haven’t received many entries. I THANK YOU to those of you who have sent me your work – but I was thinking we would want to have more than just one week’s worth of fun – unless you want me to post a bunch of my shit – and no one wants that : )

SOOOOOOO – I wanted to put it out (No, Brian – not that way!!!) and ask you – for those of you that believe in the SHITFEST – are you waiting until the zero hour to send something or do you want me to push it out until February? Either way is fine with me. I figure you can vote in this fancy poll or let me know in the comments or send me something to – let me know! Stay warm!! It’s 11 degrees where I live today. 11.


    • theipc

      GOOD DEAL! I’ll do an update soon with the direction we’ll go.

      By the way – you should go check out that comment Gary left for me on my Rabies post.


  1. Negative 1 here. And it feels much colder. We got you beat.

    And I believe in Shitfest. But I don’t know what I’d enter. Which is why you’ve received nothing from me. Maybe I’ll come up with something before the deadline. We’ll see.


    • Nope, I think January 6th is when it kicks off. So I guess Eric wants ’em all a week beforehand to sort through them. Meaning it would be a January 31st deadline. Personally, I could probably get mine in for the 31st, but if it means more entries, then I’m sure everyone would be cool with a slightly later deadline.


      • V

        Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me Monkeyboy! In that case I’ll have to vote for Jan 31st deadline/kick off in Feb because between now and the end of this month I’ve a wedding and a New Year’s bash so I’ve no hope of getting anything done. Except for drinking, of course. πŸ˜‰


      • theipc

        That’s right, Monkey. I usually need them a little bit in advance so I can get them formatted the way you want em, especially if you send over pics. A lot of times the format I receive entries in don’t translate well into WordPress so I have to mess with them a lot. It can take me some time to get everything looking just right.

        Sooner is always better with this slow old man here. : )


  2. The Heretic

    I have been busy with other projects and my own blogs, plus with rearranging my home studio to accommodate new gear. Would like to participate in another one down the road when I have time again, because I did have fun with the one I participated in.

    BTW. I will be sending something your way (email) that I would like to see what you think when I have it finished or as close as I can get it.


  3. Lemuel Severance

    hey – had to click “don’t take any wooden nickels” – it may be my only chance in life to click that clicky! While my preference would be January – I won’t cry (much) if we have to wait until Feb – that will give me more time to not write anything πŸ™‚


  4. There’s no way Carry and I can get anything to you this week, so I vote for February. We have our movie picked out, it’s just a matter of finding time to get together and it’s been crazy with the holidays and me looking for a new job. Plus being the busiest girl on the face of the planet of course. πŸ˜‰


  5. I don’t think I was going to participate this time. I’m mad busy the next couple of weeks, but if you pushed it to Feb, I would definitely be keen. Live tweet review style.

    No issues staying warm here. It is like 40 of our Australian degrees today.


  6. GaryLee828

    Yeah, that’s what I was saying before I think people will be so busy with the holidays that you should push it to February. Do it in February and you can even have a special Valentines Day post full of shitfest rom com’s! πŸ™‚ Let’s enjoy the NFL playoffs in January and do SF up in February.


  7. I was working on something but it wasn’t coming together as well as I liked, so I thought of another, much better idea this morning that I was going to write today but if you want to push it real good that’s fine, especially if it means we can get another Misty video!

    Now go fuck an egg.


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