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*There IS a spoiler below – although it’s not something you couldn’t figure out from the trailer*

Someone once told me that every movie is someone’s favorite movie – and I totally believe that. If you look at this movie, I can totally see this being someone’s favorite thing. It’s very low budget, it’s a little slow at times, the acting is kind of dodgy from a couple of the cast and it’s filled with Canadians “OOT and ABOOTing” their lines : ) but it’s very bloody, the story is solid and the last five minutes are fucking brilliant and are totally “me”. For this opening paragraph, I don’t know how else to end this except for – what can I say, I liked it quite a bit.


In the opening, we are greeted by a couple of young, Canadian girls who are doing a video blog. Suddenly, one of them starts to bleed from her nose and heads to her Canadian bathroom. The other goes to check on her Canadian friend and she gets attacked! A scuffle ensues and the girl in the picture above beats the other one to death with what may be a Canadian hair dryer – or a telephone. Either way, she heads back to the camera and asks for help.


Elsewhere, the hot chick pictured above, launches a made up social media networking site on her phone. It’s very much like lovely FB and everyone in the world uses it to post pictures of their dinner, their kids, their drinks and put out verses from the Bible – CONSTANTLY. “Look at my kid in this chair”, they post. “Thou dost betake the flesh of Christ for eternal salvation is yours,” they post. “Thou who take the devil into their mouths shall be damned to burn mercilessly in Hellfire”, they post and then go show their tits on Twitter. The site in the movie isn’t actually like that though – it’s more of a dating and friend site that hosts video chats and all of that good shit. “Heading to the PARTAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Gonna tap some T8NT!!!!” they post on this site.


Anyway, she video calls her boyfriend who breaks up with her and she sees some kid erupt in blood outside of her window. To wrap the summary up, she heads to a party and, before too long, everyone in the world who uses the site in this movie is going insane and killing each other. Turns out the site has been sending subliminal messages to it’s users for years and the newest version of the sublimities causes your brain to develop a tumor that keeps growing and growing until your head explodes. Will they survive?? Will their heads explode?? Will the pierce their own eyeballs with medical scissors????? You’ll have to see to find out.


Like I said – I liked this movie and the last five minutes were fucking beautiful but this isn’t without some flaws. Like – and this always boggles my mind – when the first attack at the house happens, it’s on the second floor and the guy comes in through the second floor window. Sure there’s a balcony, but how the fuck did he get up there? Did he shimmy up a pole? There a few other things in here that seemed a little iffy but, in the end and overall, I liked it just fine.


  1. GaryLee828

    I skipped the review when I saw the spoiler warning. I also steer clear from trailers a lot of the time to avoid potential spoilers, so did not watch the trailer here. Do you think I’d like this film?


  2. I *almost* went to see this during Fantasia Film Fest the past summer. Now, I’m kind of regretting I didn’t. haha! I’ll definitely make sure to track this one down…maybe it’ll appear on Netflix soon. Awesome review! Loved it 🙂


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