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I don’t know what I’m doing here today. I don’t know what dumb ole me could say about this that hasn’t already been said by much better people and writers than me… I really love most of this movie but, like I wrote about in DEATH PROOF – there’s just way too much goddamned talking in parts of this, some of which makes it dreadfully boring in parts (say, the first life draining and eternal movie theater scene) so I can’t go nutso and say this is one of my favorite movies, but some of it is extremely excellent. How about that opening scene with the Frenchman?


What a performance by that guy! In this case, sure there’s WAY to much talking going on but the performance by the French guy is absolutely masterful.  AU REVOIR, Shoshanna!!! Oh, speaking of Shoshanna – UM…. YUM!!!! Melanie Laurent – what a beauty!!


What else is there to say?? Brad PItt is simply fucking awesome. “I want my scalps.” he says and Lem and I have quoted that a thousand times. “Y’all come to me on debit!” LOL “You owe me 100 nAzi scalps!” (pause) “And I want my scalps!


What else? Michael Fassbender is in this before he became Michael “Look At My Dong Flopping Around All Over The Place” Fassbender. By the way – I have a feeling that this Cumberbatch fellow all the boys want to be and all the girls want to – um – er – well – talk to – is headed down a similar path of showing off his dong sometime soon. Remember when Bruce WIllis got really popular and showed off his cockamamiepeepee in that terrible COLOR OF NIGHT movie? And Harvey Keitel went Free Balling? And Brian @ Hard Ticket to Home Video went mano y mano, Greek-Olympics-style with Ed “Too Tall” Jones in that Straight-To-Video 90s movie “Vinegar and Oil Don’t Mix”?? Or how about when Joseph @ The Cinema Monster did that spread for that one magazine… (forget that DirecTV thing at the bottom, please):


What the hell? Now I’m out here talking about dongs. FUCK. What has this site become??? You know what, screw this. I liked Inglorious Basterds plenty but there’s nothing else to do here. Our lady Cara at Silver Screen Serenade is running a special this month about New Year’s Resolutions and movies we should have seen but never did. Let’s skip this shit and go check out what your friend at the IPC thought about The Godfather by



  1. “Bad Ass Hebrews??” I have yet to see this film, so I’m not quite sure what this means, but I just keep thinking, “SHALOM, BITCHES!!!” Also, yaaayyy Resolutions!! Thanks for the shoutout, buddy!! AND NICE WORK!!! 😀


    • theipc

      LOL!!! HAHAHAHA!!! That’s actually a bit from a line in a song called “Choctaw Bingo” by James McMurtry – you should give it a listen : )



  2. 1) Did you pull this out of your work drawer? 😉

    1) Melanie Laurent is a f%*king hottie! I drooled all over her in my review for Beginners which you probably read but would HATE the movie big time.

    3) Wait. Did I read that wrong? Did you just praise the OTHER guy in the scene with Christoph Waltz, one of THE finest actors at the moment?!?!

    4) Hehe. Dong! Mmm. Fassbender….


  3. Yo. Any chance I could borrow your copy of “Vinegar and Oil Don’t Mix”? Pretty sure it is on the 1001 Films to See Before You Die. Might do a live tweet review of that bad boy.


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