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Since I thought SHITFEST was going to run in January, I spent a lot of time watching those Harry Pooter movies for Zoe’s site so I am a bit behind on my writing. As this is the case, I am going to run a couple of oldies that no one has ever looked at the next couple of days : )creedww

This is not a horror movie, but a thriller, and, despite only having three actors and shot mostly in an apartment  in England,  it kept me engaged until the end. I don’t think I was ever bored during the hour-forty-eight so, that alone, merits four top hats.  The three actors do a pretty good job, in my opinion. You might remember one as the dumb policeman from the latest Sherlock Holmes, the other actor I have never heard of or seen and Alice Creed has been in a few things here and there. Interestingly, she spends most of her screen time handcuffed to a bed with a ball gag in her mouth. Just thinking about a ball gag in my mouth makes me gag. But I gag a lot.  There is not any dialogue for the very well done first ten minutes, there are two nice plot twists that set up the second and third acts, and the end wasn’t rushed, or “a twist” or left open for a sequel. This was simply a well done, English thriller that I enjoyed.  I liked that every shot seemed to have everything positioned symmetrically and evenly spread out, not bunched up, or diagonal or anything artsy. I wouldn’t say this was “grippingly twisty” like some of the posters quote, it wasn’t nerve wracking or anything, but just a good old fashioned kidnapping flick with a couple of cool plot twists.


The plot is simple enough: kidnap the rich girl’s daughter, takes some naked pictures of her bound up, and then collect the ransom from the old man.  I don’t really want to say too much, because I don’t want to give anything away (two thirds of the movie are based off of the enjoyable plot turns). Of course, while the kidnapping and ransom go according to plans, the relationships between the three individuals involved are what make the movie, and everyone gets what they deserve, one way or another. I would watch definitely watch it again.



  1. Nice bit of grimy fun, this film. You’re right, the best scene is the first 10 mins but the rest holds up to its own. The guy you hadn’t herd of before made a name for himself in Ken Loach stuff; he also appeared in the recent adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Filth which I think you’ll enjoy.


  2. GaryLee828

    I saw this one when it first came out a few short years ago, and I had high expectations for it, and while it wasn’t bad, it was very underwhelming. I was just expecting more. I thought the twist was lame, and wasn’t even a twist, but just something to try to surprise the audience. Just b/c you don’t see something coming means it’s a twist, or something intriguing. This just felt like it had it’s own agenda much more than being a thriller.


      • GaryLee828

        Yes! One of the best BCS games ever; along with Miami/Ohio St. & Texas/USC.

        When FSU was down 21-3 I was confident they’d come back. FSU usually comes on like a monsoon. I admit though I expected them to come back sooner than they did and I started getting nervous in the 4th quarter.

        Looking forward to next season when college implements a 4 team playoff system; FSU should be back next year since Winston will be back. Auburn should be pretty good next year, as well. Maybe these teams have a rematch. Also, Johnny Manziel may be coming back to Texas A&M and if he does that could be really fun b/c they’d have most of their major pieces back and would be a contender. Would be a ton of fun to see a Winston/Manziel matchup in the playoffs. I’d order that on PPV. 🙂


      • GaryLee828

        Maybe next year OK will be good. Their new QB looks very promising.

        I was shocked last night to see Nick Saban analyzing the game. I thought he’d be in some little rural town recruiting players for next season. Whenever he wins championships everyone is celebrating and smiling, and he’s looking mad and trying to get away to squeeze in a quick little recruiting session for next year. lol.

        They give him the gatorade bath and he turns around with a scowl and I’m thinking he’s about to say, “WTF!? I have to meet with a recruit in 30 minutes!!!”


      • GaryLee828

        Did you see his classic press conference this year when asked what he thought about AJ McCarron’s Sports Illustrated cover?

        He was like, “Do you think I sit around and have time to read magazines?” LOL.

        Here’s a link if you missed it. This dude is hilarious!!


  3. Victor De Leon

    I really enjoyed this film. I had forgotten I had even watched it. I gave it a pretty decent write up a while back. Oh and those twists were like WTF? In a really good way, though. It’s a film that some may find a bit dull or even trite but it had a very cool indie vibe and the cast and story worked for me. Good review, man!


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