Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Has anyone NOT seen this movie? I saw this on a date back when it came out in the theater… I guess – if anyone hasn’t seen this – let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way – she’s not wearing any underwear:


Not a stitch…. I’m going to stay classy – because that’s what the IPC is all about, so i’ll disregard the pics you can find on Google about the infamous leg crossing scene and just add that – she crosses her legs and she’s not wearing once threaded ounce of dainties.


Now… let’s proceed. How do we go about this thing? How about:

Frequently nude and getting laid, Sharon Stone plays a crime writing author whose graphic killings displayed in her books are being reenacted in real life. Is she the killer? Michael Douglas is the detective who’s out to discover the truth!!! Oh – and pork her. I didn’t remember this from the theatrical viewing back in ’92 but when I was watching this the other day during the scene below – the discerning eye can catch a glimpse of Douglas’ – um – er – how do I put this??? um… uh… chub…


Not that I was looking.

God damn – let’s move on. So Stone is the main suspect and she  porks Douglas a few times and she porks this girl named Roxy and does some coke and drinks a lot of whiskey and porks Douglas who also porks Jeanne Triplehorn who use to pork Stone back in college and people end up dead all over the place but this movie is really about the thrusty porking and that’s about it. I remembered this movie being much better but it’s really not very good and if you haven’t seen it you probably won’t like it unless you want to see some people porking each other.


And…. just in case you were getting too turned on by my wonderful writing or these beautiful images or the thought of people doing it with each other and you’re up at work fucking about here’s a chub killer for you – this guy’s in it too:



  1. Very funny review Eric. Classic movie that truly has no point to it beyond the graphic content

    I saw this 3 times in the theater [I was 18, what can I say :)] and a few times on cable/DVD afterwards and I still don’t know who the killer was 🙂


    • theipc

      LOL – PERV!!

      J/K of course – exactly – there’s nothing to this except for the idea that these movie stars might actually be doing it….


  2. It’s one of those movies I’ve seen parts of, but never the entire thing. Just doesn’t interest me. Maybe when I’m an old coot, I’ll get around to it. Of course though, I’ve seen the most paused moment in cinema history! Funny stuff, my friend :).


  3. The first time I saw this movie I was 14. A bunch of dead lovers later, I finally realized that you’re not supposed to get all stabby once you’ve gotten what you need out of them. Oopsy!


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