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For real – I had NO desire to see this movie at all. The trailer looked lame, the poster looked lamer and all I can ever think about Jackman any more is him singing and dancing in a tuxedo. I don’t have anything against the guy or anything, I’ve just not seen much of his shit other than X-MEN movies. I’m not a big song and dance kind of guy. I also don’t really care about Jake G (no I am not going to try and spell his last name) – I have nothing against him just… *shrugs. But – I had nothing to watch the other day and all of the newly released horror movies look pretty stupid so I checked into the “thriller” queue and was all – I guess I can give this a shot….  the first minutes were a little iffy with Jackman doing some voice over Lord’s Prayer business and then his son shoots a deer.  Before too long Jackman and his family are over at Terrance Howard and his family’s house and Howard is getting ready to play a fucking bugle or something and I was about to abort. But I stayed the course and this thing got REALLY good REALLY quick and I totally recommend this one. Be warned – this is about child abduction and it gets bloody – so it might not be for everyone but I REEEEEEEEEEALLY liked it.


I am going to leave this spoiler free because I really like this and encourage you to give it a shot if you think you can handle it – but I want to applaud the people that wrote this script. And by saying that, I mean the way the characters are developed and the way the actors handle their roles. There’s no huge back story or shitty dialogue to make you understand these people – and I mean all of em – I just felt like these characters were real – does that make sense?


I don’t want to give away what goes on in here but how about the character that draws all of the mazes??? What a FUCKED UP character that is. You just think about the actions he takes and what the past has brought to this point – fucking BRILLIANT!! Paul Dano is a creepy mother fucker no matter what but – OY – someone keep that guy away from me. I also REALLY liked Jackman in this. He’s no nonsense and honestly doesn’t want to be brutally torturing the person he’s brutally torturing but what else is he gonna do? That scene where he comes tearing down the street at the police station was kick ass. “I’M A FREE MAN TOO!!!” He screams while it takes six cops to take him down. I also really liked it when he went running out of that hospital.


What else? The cinematography was excellent, there wasn’t too much excessive and unnecessary dialogue and, i don’t know – everything just worked for me. It’s a tough watch – mainly because of the content but it was well worth it. I totally wanted to watch it again but my rental expired : ( If you’re not interested in this because of Jake G or Jackman, this isn’t them playing their typical roles. Give it a shot.

LOL – I don’t know why I was thinking of this, this morning but do you all remember myspace?? Remember how popular that was? Again, I don’t know why I was thinking about that but I’m going to sign off today’s post with my old myspace handle. I hope everyone has a good weekend!!!


Carbon Based Unit Isaacs


  1. Oh man – you watch a “proper” movie for once and we disagree on it! ; ) I wasn’t very complimentary in my review of this. Do agree Jackman was good. I was really annoyed at the lack of character development, though. And I liked the beginning of the film, which you didn’t. ; )


  2. “I really did just watch Citizen Kane”. Lol! I forget to look at your tags… ; )

    I’ve decided I was too tough on this movie. It was fine. I just never like crime or serial killer or kidnapping movies. I mean, I hate things like Silence of the Lambs. So this movie just wasn’t “me”. : )


  3. Great review! Very funny, as always. And MySpace. Whatever happened to MySpace?

    On the film. There’s now another on my site you’ve seen. 😉 I like this, too. I just don’t love it. The performances, cinematography and dialogue are great. But it has a really odd tonal shift half way through wherein it goes from character and theme based to being plot based. And the shift leaves me disappointed.


    • theipc

      And Stacy Keach!!

      It’s not too bad – most of the shit I watch I get from Netflix –

      – which is why all of my posts are about shit movies.


  4. A great thriller but, for me, the ending was disappointing. The film was going in a really interesting, and frightening, direction but swerved for a more conventional finish. Wish it had the courage to stick with its original edge.


  5. GaryLee828

    I thought Hugh Jackman overacted a bit here and he came across a bit unrestrained in his performance; a more talented actor could have conveyed the same emotion while dialing it down a couple notches for a more precise portrayal. All of his barking sounded a bit forced to me. He wasn’t bad. It’s just that I know he’s capable of better.

    With that in mind, I think Jake Gyllenhaal was excellent in this. I normally am not a big fan of his, but he pulls off characters like these perfectly; not only was the case he was pursuing intriguing, but he was interesting on a personal level, as well. All of his constant ticks made you feel like he could potentially be unstable and do something unconventional at any moment.

    I thought the final act became a little unraveled, but not enough to ruin it, or anything. I thought the very last scene was pretty clever, and I think it’s safe to say we know what follows. Overall, a very good movie that fell short of being great. I ranked this #9 on my top 10 of 2013.


  6. I guess there’s a part with a corpse tied to a chair in a basement? I don’t know anything about this movie, other than there was some shithole house someone lived in, but I was on the set one day and licked that corpse. There’s a photo of it somewhere, but I was forbidden to post it online until well after the film came out.


  7. Ha! Loved the Myspace reference! This is one I had no desire to see either but you might have convinced me, maybe… 😉 Guess what I DID just watch today??? All the Boys Love Mandy Lane!!!!


  8. If you didn’t even want to watch it to begin with and it turned out that you loved it, then it must be one amazing movie!
    I’ve been dying to see it, but haven’t been able to fit it in. I don’t really care for Jackman or Jake what’s his face with the dog butt ugly sister, but I’m glad to hear that they’re both finally mixing it up instead of doing the same old same old shit.


  9. Oooh nice! I’m glad you liked this one! It’s pretty grim, but I thought the performances and the story were great–so great it was one of my favorites from last year. Yaaayyy you’re watching movies you liiiiiike! Also, “I Really Did Just Watch Citizen Kane.” SPOILERS!!!


  10. Hmm might give this one a chance, was going to ignore it mainly due to not give my girlfriend a reason to drool over Hugh jackman. But yr review has won me over so will have to ignore the drooling from my girlfriend while watching. 🙂


  11. Lem

    As an actual MySpace “friend” of carbon based unit Isaacs who may or may not have had one, maybe seven beers… And apropos of nothing in this particular review – I propose a new feature “drunk dialing on Netflix and on demand” unfortunately tonight the options look grim – so it’s just Spartacus episodes so far …


  12. Lem

    Ok – sorry – strike that from the manuscript – I realize you have done the drunk typing thing before – and then there was the Misty video thing – so I guess it wouldn’t be new – but it could be a feature – oh crap – my whole spiel is to be a man of few words – blame it on the beer / apologies – LS


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