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I hope I don’t alarm anyone with a Saturday afternoon post but our friends over at THE CINEMATIC KATZENJAMMER released the blogging part of their 2014 GOLDEN KATZ AWARDS (click any of these black and gold images to head their way!!) earlier today and WHAT THE HELL?????? You voted for me for a couple of things and I WON???????????? WHAT?????? WHAT????????

*shits pants


*returns a few hours later with some beers and shots


*runs into the crowd and starts kissing and hugging everyone and maybe “accidentally” groping some butts (but not Luke’s).

*returns to podium, buzzed with mussed up hair

AW FUCK, you guys. This means a LOT to me. I mean this for real. I never figured anyone other than my friend Lem would look at this place, much less nominate my SHIT for something. GOD DAMN I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. I mean, nothing could ever make me happier than this:


But, honestly, I can see this one happening. I would NEVER expect anything but I can see this one happening because the SHITFEST is all about YOU!!! We all see something shitty every now and then and we (you) can break out of the mold of your existing blog-self and go the fuck off on something miserable!! It’s so fucking hilarious what you do and, to me, there’s nothing better than a good SHITFEST. Being the host, I’m sitting on a bunch of golden eggs like a Mother Goose waiting for the new one to start!! WE HAVE SOME GOOD SHIT COMING YOUR WAY!! This should be be the best SHITFEST yet!!! I can’t even wait for February 3rd!!

But…. THIS????????????? :


FUCKING HELL, everyone. I don’t even know what to say except that I LOVE YOU ALL (except Luke) (and he knows why I’ve sad that twice) : ) YOU PEOPLE ARE WONDERFUL!!! GOD DAMN!!! I really am at a loss for words. I can’t even believe it. So i’ll just cry a little and chug some beer and grope everyone again (accidentally) and leave you with a leaked red-band image from SHITFEST 2014: WINTER:




    • theipc

      I HAVE NO IDEA?????????

      I may or may not be out there (accidentally) groping people all over the world but that changes during tonight’s award ceremony!!

      *downs a flute of champagne with a big dash of Tabasco in it



  1. Lem

    I had no idea that the one…maybe eight beers were a celebratory toast to the IPC – but hey – my fav toast:
    “Here’s to you as good as you are,
    Here’s to me as bad as I am,
    For as good as you are,
    And as bad as I am,
    I’m as good as you are,
    As bad as I am –
    oh shit – did I make this about -me – sorry its the beer man – ignore the rest – you are the man ! good on ya’ mate !!! Congrats!


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