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I’ve never read the book and I saw the original so long ago that I don’t remember anything about it except for the pig’s blood scene so the only thing I had going for this was the crappy looking trailer and a bunch of negative reviews out here on WP – well – except for this one. I didn’t really have a big desire to give this a go any time soon but there was literally NOTHING else to watch at my disposal so – why not? The verdict? It was a LOT better than I thought it was going be – but this is because I thought it was going to be a dog of a movie. I’ve seen MUCH worse.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you didn’t HATE it. : ) But… Now I have to yell at you for not remembering the far superior original!!!! ; ) You don’t even remember William Katt’s perm??


  2. nicolenevermind76

    I loathe the original, book and movie. (And trust me, I was definitely the target audience for both back in the day) So I went into this one expecting to hate it as well in spite of doing jello shots throughout. Turns out it really wasn’t that bad. I dig Chloe (wish she’d shown some full frontal during that shower scene!) and while it certainly wasn’t great, it was far better than the steaming pile of excrement that was the original. (Note: This is only my opinion and keep in mind that I enjoy movies like Nude for Satan and Killer Klowns for Outer Space so if any fans of the original read this, just chalk it up to taste and we’ll agree to disagree.)


    • theipc


      I figured I would hate the fuck out of this thing but it was all right. (Ditto on the shower scene. C’mon Chloe…) You’ve seen Nude For Satan??? HAHA!! There’s a post for that out on my Movie Index page. What a movie!!! (It’s OLD so my style is different now) (I think)


    • theipc

      Trust me – so was I – and I still am – it really is “just OK”. I wouldn’t waste any money on it ~ but it’s not “fucking terrible”.


  3. I liked this film If I’m honest and it did take me by surprise considering its hype, I gave it 3/5. It was entertaining and much more emotional than the original, gore was there yet I feel like it wasn’t really a horror, I wasn’t horrified, scared, terrified as I should had been! Special effects and all that were good but I think it was too over the top an needed toning down! Good post!


  4. My money was better spent on the Super Mega Skittles Combo that I bought to eat while watching this movie: $14.95 for a large popcorn, large soda, and super sized bag of skittles. Highway robbery, for sure. But very very delicious robbery.


      • Ew, I never eat movie nachos! I have a serious aversion to that fake shitty cheese sauce that comes with them. If I can’t have nachos with a bunch of real cheese that I know someone had to grate, then I’d rather no nachos at all, lol.


      • Hot dogs get a pass because they are so effing delicious. Damn, it’s like -15 here right now and all I can think about is a street meat covered in pickles and ketchup. But it’s probably too cold for the vendors to be out hawking dogs.


      • theipc

        YOU HAVE HOT DOG VENDORS???????? God damn, I’m moving in with you!!!

        If I want a greasy, stomach cramp inducing dog I have to go to a gas station : ( (or the movies)


      • Yeah, dude. That’s like the number 1 perk of city living: hot dog vendors on almost every street corner. It’s so convenient!

        A few years ago on my birthday, I got hammered at the bar obviously, but then on my way home I got this major craving for some street meat. So I got one all smothered in pickles and ketchup, and walked home while I chowed the thing down. Best drunk eats ever! I then passed out as soon as I got home, in my clothes. The next morning when I woke up, I thought I had fallen and scraped myself up real bad, but it turns out it was just an excess of ketchup that I’d spilled all down the front of my shirt and pants from walking/eating at the same time.


      • theipc

        That story is fucking awesome!! That’s kind of like waking up in a sticky, stinking bed and remembering that in the middle of the night you had gotten up and pissed on the fan and then got back in bed. But I wouldn’t know because that never happened to me when I lived with those two dudes in that rental house back in the 90s.

        I also never drank 44 beers and passed out in the front yard.

        Or woke up stark naked in a living room full of people.


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