Isaacs Picture Conclusions



I am usually, probably and frequently wrong but I think this movie was made to ride along on SAW’s long underwear flaps, because this is awfully gruesome but, aside from that, there’s not really much going on here. I actually really like Dennis Quaid – MRS IPC watches the Ellen talk show and he’s on there a lot – he seems to have a good sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Except in this. He’s grizzled and growly and smokes and scowls and barks and yells – but he’s believable. The rest of the thing is just kind of – really? Oh, OK. THX. Next. And even if you’re liking it – the end is an absolute fucking turd splash in the terlet. What the hell. It would be like me ending this post like thi-


Obviously, I couldn’t be a dick and just shut it down like that, but there’s nothing else to say on this thing. Let me see what I can come up with and put something else out later…



  1. Are you sure that it’s Mrs. IPC who does the bulk of the Ellen watching in your home? I think someone around here might have a soft spot for her dance moves and is too shy to say so, lol.


  2. Dennis Quaid doesn’t take himself seriously? Oh man, he needs to tell that to every performance he’s ever given. The guy is constantly trying to shit diamonds and that smug, biting his lip kind of umph look is very distracting. Next to 60 year old women, I haven’t really met anyone else that genuinely likes the guy… lol. But the movie sounds interesting….? Maybe… Okay, not really.


  3. I gotta say, people raved about this and highly recommended it. My other half and myself watched it and we were not impressed. It was such a hollow flick…

    SHITFEST!!!!! Can’t wait!


  4. Hello big sexy, you may remember me as the artist formerly known as Handsome Bob from London? Anyhoo, just trying to do some reading, catch up on peoples sites and re-follow them all. This review is my first port of call, as whilst this movie did nothing for me, have you ever seen The Horseman?? Thats the imdb link below, and I have no idea if you can stream it over there, but if you ever get chance, it is one hell of an angry revenge aussie movie. You might just like it. I’ll be seeing you sport 🙂


    • theipc

      TYTY!!!! I’ve missed you!!! How’s it going????

      I’ve not seen that movie but I am familiar with it – I’l give it a go if I can find it!

      Come back!!


      • I am good, how’s tricks with you? Never did get your email 🙂

        It’s a good movie, cheap on blu ray over here and very highly recommend it. Might even review it soon. Trying to get back writing, but busy with my girl and watching Homeland. Lots of tv I’ve missed out on


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