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I know this isn’t movie related but I think this is appropriate as the effort from the Broncos was pure SHITFEST material. What a joke of a game so – from our friend Gary:



  1. Yeah, good call Gary. That was such a pile of garbage game. The safety right off the start was a bd omen for Manning, I think. But my most favourite part of the game was the tripping call that was actually a Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick to the almost groin made by a Bronco. Like, dude, did you think nobody was going to see that?!?!


    • GaryLee828

      Yeah, that play was annoying b/c had he not tripped the SEA defender and drawn a 10 yard penalty DEN may have been able to score a TD b/c they had momentum, and if they had scored, the game would have become interesting, and if Peyton gets hot, anything can happen.


      • Totally! One bone-headed moment by that guy may have cost him the superbowl ring he so desired.
        Also, I fucking loved Joe Namath in a pimp fur coat trying to do the coin toss before anyone even called it. Haha, what a crazy guy!


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