Isaacs Picture Conclusions



YAY!!!! Here we are again!!! Making nude snow angels!!! Brian’s eating yellow snow!!! The Cinema Monster is over in the corner passed on Spiced Rum!!! Zoe is playing the harpsichord and Mark is dancing a drunken jig!! Cinema Parrot Disco and Cara Gale are whispering about something and… pointing at me and laughing…?? WTF??? Tyson’s had too much sugar and he’s running around with his hands in the air, griping about me. Madame Weebles is wobbling!! And that’s just to name a few!!! What a scene!!

Well – here we go – this looks to be the best SHITFEST ever!! We’ve got videos and podcasts and artwork and nice girls being naughty! This is going to rock!! I’m not sure (LOL) how long this will last since I still haven’t got everything from everybody who said they’d send things in, but we have enough to make it funner than shit!! If some more trickle in, I’ll get ’em posted out here, so – if you’re still in hiding thinking about it, BRING IT!!


Remember – when this is over, YOU will vote for the winner – the winner who will receive a FABULOUS, world renowned trophy – or, if it costs to me too much to send it overseas, I’ll wire you 50 units of your currency!! The last two times we’ve done this, voters have told me that it was too hard to just pick three, so I am going to change it up a little this year. This time, at the end of the event, you can send me your top FIVE favorites, IN ORDER and I’ll assign these point values:

#1 = 5 points

#2 = 4 points

#3 = 3 points

#4 = 2 points

#5 = 1 point

Scrotey, our master of ceremonies, is about to make his declaration… let’s wait as he stumbles up to the podium…







Here he is!!


YAY!!! Let’s go get drunk!! Tomorrow morning you will be presented with one of the worst podcasts ever! WOO HOO!!

Oh, if you wanted to put a banner on your blog, here’s one that’s not a skeleton pooping and reading a newspaper:


On a last note, sadly, there won’t be an original theme song this time around. The band broke up due to “creative differences” – whatever the fuck that means. In any case, I did get the lyrics written… here they are – you can sing along to your own tune while you SHITFEST it up!! It’s called EATING COFFEE AND POOPING MIRACLES

twenty fourteen is gonna be great

let me sit right down and tell it up straight

I’ve got a dong and my balls are spherical

i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!

(musical interlude)

just yesterday a dog licked my nuts

then chris came over and sniffed my butt

shitfest is here and it’s time for beericles

i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!

i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!
i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!

my god who wrote this fucking song??

i’m gonna punch him in the dong!

i’ll make my message very clearicle

i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!

(musical interlude)

Why, just the other fucking day

I was giving moustache rides for pay

in my pants, I made a smearicle

i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!

i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!
i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!

i think that’s it for this fucking ditty

now come on over and twist my titty

if it starts to hurt, I might just squealicle

i’ve been eating coffee and pooping miracles!!

(music) (fade out)



  1. That song is awesome! You need to find someone musical who can get it recorded up right. Gotta be an equipped blogger out there somewhere, right!

    And I can’t wait to see/read one of these for myself (I wasn’t around yet for the last one).


  2. Yay! Let the shit start flying!!!! 🙂

    This is the greatest & best song in the world! I also want to hear you singing that, dammit! While streaking. In the snow.

    Psst – Cara! He’s streaking again… *giggle*


  3. And that actually was in reference to the fact that I’m surprised to say that I like an image of a skeleton taking a crap, not because I’m surprised by your ability to create something I enjoy, because I do very much appreciate your artistic flair.


    • theipc

      LOL!! I wish I could take credit for making that but that’s a ceramic tile I bought off of a street vendor in New Mexico – I just kind of fancied it up with some graphics : )

      Do you want to use it? Can you get it off of my header or do you want me to put it out there as a clicky thing?


  4. Dark Cara and I are SO EXCITED!!!!! I’m gonna go open a bottle of champagne! As for Dark Cara…well…who knows what she’ll do? Probably team up with that doppelganger you work with and start a gang fight somewhere. You know–the usual opening ceremony stuff.



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