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When I first decided to record the podcast I published earlier today, and then listened to it the next day – I knew, oozing in at 50 minutes that it might be a little daunting for The Most Beloveds, so here’s a little something about one of the stupidest fucking movies I’ve ever seen – something that pisses it’s way into SHITFEST all the way from England.

A while back, I watched something called ANGST – a movie starring a cute girl named Fiona Horsey who takes off all of her clothes a lot and whose…. whose… well… whose vagina eats men. It was TOTALLY stupid but kind of redeemed itself towards the end and then – of all fucking things – one of my favorite songs came about playing over the credits. WHAT THE FUCK and how did that happen? Anyway – a year later this thing shows up, with the same actress who takes off all of her clothes often and by god this was 100% terrible.


That’s a still from the movie but I also want to relate this to real life. This movie is piss poor, the music is terrible, the acting is SHIT, the plot ridiculous, the character’s situations stupid and it’s a fucking hour and a half. Oh – and this is the second straight movie of hers where she spends several LONG scenes tied up, half clothed, in a basement. The purpose of SHITFEST is to bring to your attention, those movies which SUCK ASS and this totally meets that paradigm. Never click “YES” when this is suggested to you. And, since we’re at it, here’s a fun picture from WebMD – who says SHITFEST isn’t healthy and good for you???



  1. That last picture is great. I’ve always said this blog is educational! 🙂

    This movie sounds awful. Angst sounds better. England makes some shitty movies. You should see all the Harry Potters! 😉


    • theipc

      That scene is SOOOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!! After she has her piss, the camera shot is from the bedroom and she totally gets up, steps behind the door to clothe herself and SHE DOESN’T SEE HIM??? WTF????



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