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Hi everyone – I’ve had a REALLY SHITTY couple of weeks up at work so I took the afternoon off AND started watching this movie I rented on iTunes. During the first ten minutes I quickly realized that this is one of the stupidest things I HAVE EVER seen and it got me thinking about the SHITFESTs and reminded me of an idea I had about a month ago. I have an idea for something very special and I am asking YOU if you want to be a part of it. I want to keep it secret so it’s a big surprise so comment or email me at if you want to be involved.

There’s two criteria to consider when ponying yourself up for this:

  • it will be “Real Time”
  • you might have to spend your rubles and rent something

Considering the Real Time aspect – I live in the middle of America in the Central Time Zone, so, if you’re on the other side of the world this might be complicated. One of us would be up really late or really early and that probably won’t be this tired old man LOL

Let me know – I think this could be something really special. And SHITTY!!

Also – I’ve had a REALLY SHITTY week so I am going to the bar to get my load on. If I don’t get back to you promptly, I will. I might just be hungover.


  1. MoodyB

    Sounds like this could be fun, if it involves tearing apart a really shit film then I am always up for that!

    My sleeping pattern is all over the place so I am sure the time difference won’t matter too much!


  2. The time thing shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But I’m wary about committing myself to something so unknown, this is how all those crappy horror movies start, with these seemingly tantalizing mystery premises.


      • LOL!

        I don’t mean that in an offensive way… I just mean to say that I rather like all of my limbs and appendages and would like to keep them. So if this has all been one long con to gain our trust and now this “opportunity” is really just a way for you to get your murderous clutches on us, then I’ll have to reconsider, haha.

        Although, I did already tell you my actual home address, so I’m in too deep already, aren’t I?


      • theipc

        LOL of course!! I mean – I think you like me…?

        1) I’ll forward you an email I sent some other folks earlier to give you an idea of what I am thinking abut if you are remotely interested.

        2) You did so I could send you that FUCKING AWESOME trophy but don’t worry, Canada forbids me to enter it’s borders.

        3) Secretly you KNOW you’d love an IPC grope. I won’t tell. Oh wait, I just did. SHIT!!


      • Yeah, it was all worth it for that trophy. I took a picture of my nightmare inducing bathroom cabinet insides… haha, I will send it to you soon. I haven’t forgotten! And yes, this is the best internet friendship ever.


      • theipc

        AMEN on that, Peaches.

        Can’t wait for your pic!!

        Say – my True Detective writing friend has had some bad luck lately and I want to put out something on TD EP2 after Shitfest is over – wanna help me out with some commentary?? (It’s OK to say no – it won’t hurt our friendship) The only thing is – I haven’t written anything and neither have you (or Lem) and I want to post it next Thursday). YEEK!!


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