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Children Of The Living Dead (2001) Review

Directed by Tor Ramsey
Tom Savini
Marty Schiff
Damien Luvara
Jamie McCoy
Sam Nicotero

Running time: 90 minutes

Plot Synopsis: (via Wikipedia)
Serial murderer and rapist Abbot Hayes disappears from the morgue and becomes the leader of several waves of zombies that attack his home town. Fourteen years after the last zombie attack, a businessman relocates bodies from a local cemetery to pave the way for progress, but sets in motion Abbot’s next undead assault.

1My Opinion:

I can’t be bothered
To write an in-depth review
So I will do this

In Rhyming Haiku
Tom Savini stars in this
Give this one a miss

2Savini Make-up
Made the man a famous face
Acting in a film?

Not his saving grace
Stick with classic Romero
Bitchin’ Camaro


Give me a break there
Romero is hard to rhyme
This zombie movie

Is far from sublime
Serial killer Abbot
Has a bad habit


Of making dumb teens
Driving around in a van
Drive off of a cliff

And go BOOM! Oh man!
Now the dumb teens are undead
Shoot them in the head!

5Now please watch this clip
It will give you an inkling
Of what I endured

What was I thinking?
Awful acting, no budget
I don’t begrudge it

Shitfest has been fun
As was this review haiku
To sum up this film

I asked a four-year-old to
Draw some poo to represent
This movie… Don’t rent!

pooMy rating is this
And I think that this is fair
Two points out of ten

I don’t really care
Romero’s the zombie king
He poops on this thing



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    • Thanks! : ) Haha – I agree! They should! Yeah – I think the rainbow is what really makes that poo drawing. : ) Review of yours being posted in a few hours on my site! Can’t wait – great review of a great movie! : )


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