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Do you remember the other day when I posted about the SHITFEST OPPORTUNITY? Well that had a lot better response than I figured  -which was totally a good thing! I had originally conceived the idea as a one on one (NO MIKE STOP!!!) deal where myself and someone else would so something but then I got to thinking – why not just invite everyone?? We’ll make an event out of it!! So here’s the thing if you’re still interested: ON THURSDAY MARCH 13 AT 1:00 PM U.S.A. CENTRAL TIME we’ll fire the thing up. I know that might be a show stopper if you’re working in the U.S. but maybe, if you want to participate, you can take a long lunch or something but this gives our overseas friends a chance where it won’t be midnight.

So – if you’re still in the mood and can make the time – see if you can get your nice, clean hands on a copy (digital or otherwise) of THE SECRET VILLAGE (don’t watch it yet!) and RSVP in the comments or email me at If you leave it in the comments, I still need an email address so I can get you the details.

Hope there’s a good turnout even if it’s just one person!!


  1. I will try to get my youngest down for her nap in time to participate, but we’ll see (no guarantees). (My oldest will be at school.)

    Send me the details in the event I can get it down in time. 🙂


  2. This sounds fun! Maybe you could send me the details, I could take a late lunch at work or arrange my schedule a little. I can’t promise anything right now though, since it is the work week, totally depends if anything crazy happens (again!!) 🙂


    • theipc

      WHO DO YOU THINK YOU’RE TALKING TO??? I’ve already sent you a UPS package of a fifth of Rumplemintz, a couple of Cubans and a pack of Lucky Strike straights to roll up in your shirt sleeve.





  3. I have the opportunity. I definitely have the motive. I just need the means.

    Email me how exactly we are doing this and I will have a definite answer. I also need to find the dang film (iTunes hasn’t heard of it, making it a very IPC kind of film)


  4. Oh man, this does sound super incredible. But I’ll be slaving away at my job.
    Can’t wait to see the write-up that is sure to follow though. Have fun! You’re the best 🙂


  5. 6am on a work day for me… so I am a probably. Will just depend on no work disasters between now and then, and me being able to get a hold of the film somehow. Email me the details.


    • theipc


      Sorry to get back to you so late – had to deal with a power outage last night – I’ll send you over the details real soon!!


  6. I h ave no freaking idea what time that will be by me. Drop me an email when it is 1pm there so that I know what the time will be on this side and I will see if I can get my hands on that asap!


  7. MoodyB

    Being in the UK that is a great time for me, unfortunately that seminal masterpiece has not yet been released in the UK so I have no way of watching it!


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