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A few months ago our friend ZOE put out a book review of one of those Harry Pooter books and I was all “never seen it” and then she was all “why, what the fuck?” and I was all “aren’t they kid’s movies??” and she was all “don’t be such a chop, just watch one” and I was all “FINE I’LL FUCKING WATCH ALL OF THEM!!!!” and she was all “LOL FOOL!!!” and then we wrote about them here and during one of those posts our BFF TABLE NINE MUTANT came around and was all “LOL YOU’RE WATCHING HARRY POTTER MOVIES!!!!” and I was all “I KNOW!!!!!” and she was all “I’m gonna make you watch a John Hughes movie!!!” and I was all “I’LL FUCKING WATCH ALL OF EM!!!!” and then her and Cara went off to the corner and started whispering, laughing and point at me…. then her idea turned into a John Hughes Blogathon and that officially kicks off today at CINEMA PARROT DISCO featuring the works of dozens of beautiful writers, but now we have a SPECIAL DOUBLE TAKE with MRS. Disco herself on something I actually saw in the movie theater: WEIRD SCIENCE.


These double takes don’t happen very often but when they do – they’re wonderful!! If you ever want to sign up and do one of these with me – just let me know. You can see all of the other beautiful efforts HERE ~


SO…. WEIRD SCIENCE…. aside from the fact that we get to look at Kelly LeBrock’s beautiful cleavage for an hour and half this movie is actually pretty funny. In the opening scene (displayed in the GIF below) Anthony Michael Hall and some ugly dude who doesn’t seem to have done much else with his career are mooning over a bunch of chicks in the school gym, sporting giant boners. Just kidding about that last part. Two studs – one being Robert Downey Jr sneak up behind them and pull down their shorts, exposing their huge erections to everyone. Just kidding on that last part. The scene is actually pretty funny and had me LOLing.


So, naturally, they go home and fire up their MODEM and hack into the local electric company’s utility grid, do a bunch of impossible computer functions and create life, just like the gods they are and – of course – she’s English. Now these two young males have impossibly created their prefect female fantasy woman to have tons of thrusty, banging sex with so what do they do? They take a shower with her – with their clothes on. Is that what you would do, Monkeyboy? I’m think they’re sixteen because at one point they drive so – if this had happened to me when I was sixteen I would have spent the next 63 straight hours humping things.


But they don’t. Instead they go to a jazz club and act 80s gangster, have a wild rave, fend off some apocalyptic mutants from Mad Max and get the hot chicks in the end. WOO HOO!!! Sounds like a typical weekend at Joseph’s house! The funniest scene in this movie? There’s a bit where LeBrock and Hall are confronting his parents in their living room and the mom is all “Is that what you’ve been doing in the upstairs bathroom?? I thought you were up there tossing off!!!” and he’s “NO!! I WASN’T TOSSING OFF!!!” and she’s “My GOD!!!” and he’s “NO!! I DON”T TOSS OFF!!!’ and LeBrock is “You can toss off all you want!!” and he’s “I don’t want to toss off!!” LOL – I don’t know – that scene’s fucking hilarious!


Nice shorts, lady. Anyway – enough of my shit – let’s see what the Mutant has to say!!!


First of all, I’m obviously a huge John Hughes fan as I’m having a blogathon dedicated to all his movies. Being the age I am (Eric’s age!) I grew up with them and his teen films will always be very dear to me (but not to Eric, who didn’t bother watching most of them at the time… What?!). So I’ve tied Eric up & forced him to watch several John Hughes movies and you’ll now be able to read reviews from Eric, loads of wonderful guest bloggers, and of course me through all of March. Now onto my thoughts on Weird Science!

20140302-034255 pm.jpg
My Opinion:

Weird Science is by far the most bonkers John Hughes film. Although it’s definitely one that’s more for the “guys” than things like Pretty In Pink, I absolutely love it and prefer it to that one (even though I’m a girl). I feel like other teen movies have tried to capture the craziness of Weird Science over the years (especially Project X), but most of them haven’t managed to actually be funny as well.

20140302-034426 pm.jpg
Where do I start? We have two loveable, socially awkward geeks who are scared of girls. Who doesn’t love movie geeks? Geeks rule! They can’t get girlfriends so what do they do? Stick bras on their heads and create their very own sexy woman using their super geeky brains, an 80’s computer, and a Barbie doll. And, hey – they at least make sure she’s also super intelligent so that earns them big points from me. Hooray for geeks! So then they suddenly have THIS and of course don’t have the slightest clue what to do with her:

20140302-034506 pm.jpg
So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?

What follows is some pretty unexpected craziness (with a fairly predictable ending but, hey – it’s an 80’s teen movie and that was a requirement). It’s hard to pick a favorite part. I’ve always loved the mutant bikers (Michael Berryman! Awesome!). You GOTTA love Bill Paxton as quite possibly the biggest asshole of an older brother in the history of cinema (“I’d like to butter your muffin.” What?! Lol. What a prick). And you have to love what Lisa does to him… We also have Robert Downey Jr as a typical teenage douche and two pretty girls who our two geeky heroes are crushing on. Never mind half-naked girls flying out of chimneys and missiles crashing through houses. This movie is bonkers and I love it.

20140302-034606 pm.jpg
What I really love about Weird Science (and I could be entirely wrong) is that it feels like John Hughes had free reign to do what he wanted with the film. I have no clue if that was the case but most movies these days, especially teen movies, feel like they’ve had too many Hollywood executive types forcing loads of changes in order to make something they think is mainstream enough to earn loads of money (don’t even get me started on the planned Weird Science remake – you wouldn’t like to see me when I’m angry…). Hughes didn’t direct many of the films he wrote but it’s funny that he did direct my four favorites (Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club & Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). I know a lot of this will be my age talking and the fact that I grew up with them but I really don’t think any teen movies since have come even remotely close to topping these John Hughes films.

20140302-034709 pm.jpg

Weird Science is completely insane and funny as hell without having to resort to the immature poop/sex/boobies comedy of most modern teen movies. Kelly LeBrock’s Lisa is super sexy but also smarter than everyone and not just some bimbo with boobs (which stay covered up! yes!). It’s aimed more at a male audience but isn’t disrespectful or offensive to women (in my opinion, at least). That’s saying something for a movie that’s about two horny teenage boys creating their perfect woman. Weird Science is one of my all-time favorite movies and I still always get that wonderful feeling of being a teenager again whenever I watch it. Thanks for the memories, John Hughes!

My Rating: 9/10

EI here – as you now know, The Incredible Mrs. Mutant has started her first ever blogathon and I am VERY sure you already read her first thing in the morning, but, if for some reason you’re not there yet – you can hop on over there and roll around in her movie themed secretions by clicking the following image!!! DO IT!! DO IT!! COME ON!! COME ON!!! LET”S GO LET”S GO!!!!

20140302-034927 pm.jpg


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  2. I love this post guys! I am also in the age range like you guys (I’m now 40). I remember seeing this in the theater when I was 11. It’s truly amazing that my parents wouldn’t care that an 11 yr old would see this. I wouldn’t let my kids see this at 11 🙂


  3. Great work, lady and gent. This is one I haven’t seen, actually, but it sounds appealing enough that I’m guaranteed to see it eventually. Are y’all planning to do these double takes for every Hughes’ flick (given Eric’s promise to watch all of them)? It would be a lot of time if you did, but it’d also be mad cool. Or tight. That’s what the kids are saying now, right? Or is it tits?

    I simply don’t know anymore.


  4. Thanks for doing this with me, Eric. Woohoo – we did it! Lol – I’d do another sometime once we recover from this one. ; ) Can’t wait to post all your other Hughes reviews! : )


  5. Bonkers is the perfect word to describe this movie. It is bonkers, and I love every minute of it!
    Did you ever watch the TV series? I remember that my older sister was really into it, but I always liked the movie better.

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  6. LOL! Typical weekend?! More like typical weekday! I’ve never even heard of this movie, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because at least 85% of the movie reviews posted here at theipc are about movies I’ve never heard of lol. Just kidding, ;). Great work, both of you :).


  7. Yaaaayyyy John Hughes! And Eric LIKED IT!!! There’s hope for you yet, Isaacs. 😉 Nice job, you two! I actually haven’t seen this one! But I have seen the rest of your top four, Mutant, so at least there’s that. I shall add this one to my never-ending list! 🙂

    Psst! Mutant! C’mere! I wanna whisper things about Eric!! *whisper whisper tossing off whisper whisper spicy olives whisper whisper Hemsworth booty* Hee hee.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I love how in the eighties, computers seemed so much more powerful. Microsoft advertise their shitty touch screen operating systems like they’re going to cure cancer. Come back to me MS, when your operating system can be hooked up to a barbie doll and create a real life hot chick.

    And for the record, I’d totally take my clothes off in the shower with Kelly Le Brock. Unlike Steven Seagal, who probably never took off his long leather coat. 🙂


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