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Hi everyone!! Just a courtesy reminder to vote for your favorite SHITFEST entry!! I remember I said I was going to take votes through Sunday but then I remembered that I am dumb and will need some time to talk to the winner about their prize… so I am going to close the polls Friday night so I can talk to the winner on Saturday and Sunday! I’ve received a lot of votes but there’s still time for more. Vote today!! Don’t delay!! (Plus: there’s currently a tie for first)

In case you got drunk and blacked out and missed some, you can find them all HERE!!

Send me your top FIVE entries to and let’s boogie!!

trophy befitting a champion


  1. Phew, lucky i caught this, I was going to spend the day tomorrow rereading posts and voting. Instead, my afternoon at work is dedicated to this (seeing as your day is only starting up around now, I have time!!!!).

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  2. I was gonna catch up tomorrow as well! Does voting end tonight at 12am Mountain Time? How does that differ from 12am UK time? What the hell, you’ll get my votes anyway. Might be just a little bit late, but you’ll get them! 🙂


    • theipc

      Just get them to me ass soon as possible please : ) No one blogs on the weekends so I’ll need as much time as possible to get ahold of whoever wins this… if you could get them to me before I get up tomorrow that would be boss.

      It’ll probably around four PM your time before I get out of bed because we’re going to the bar tonight to play trivia… I’m old so I’ll be really hungover….


  3. I think I might have just gotten in under the wire. But just in case… put me down for 5 votes for Embrace of the Vampire. Whoever wrote that is a comedic genius! 😉


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