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Good afternoon, Citizens. You are receiving this transmission from THE IPC’s laptop computing device as he is currently sleeping, trying to recover from the effects of one week’s worth of Time Change. For those of you not living in the U.S., Daylight Savings Time was adopted in the U.S. (again) (it had actually been enacted and abolished by Congress a LONG time before the people that conceived our great grandparents were conceived, whose decedents conceived our grandparents, who conceived our Creators) (are you thinking about nice, loveable, cuddly, old Grandpa giving the thrusty business to Grandma????) back in WW2 and now, we lazy fuckers get tired and pissed this time of year. We “Spring Forward” and lose an hour of time so we can work longer out in the fields and in the Artillery and Gun Powder Factory and people like me have to basically get up an hour earlier and call it The Same Time but it’s not and I’m old and even though I’ve dealt with this my whole life, I feel like I’m getting up in the middle of the goddamned night and I’m sleepy and crabby. SCREW TIME CHANGE!!!! Of fucking hell… where did I go?? We’re not here to talk about fucking time change and time zones and WW2 and how my Gramps was a Bootlegger and a soldier and met Patton. We’re hear to discuss A SINGLE SHOT – a movie starring Sam Rockwell – and not talking about how I would take you out if we were in the same town together and have a shot and play some darts and eat some nachos. Because if you and me (and MRS THE IPC) went out we’d probably have seventeen shots. And not go fire weapons at deer. Accidentally killing a human (or intentionally killing a deer). FUCK THAT!!!


I really want to come out here and say that I really liked this movie. I really do. The acting was great, the sets and scenery were well done, the story was believable, the actions that the characters took made sense and weren’t stupid and the blood effects were a little grisly, but I just didn’t love it and here’s a few reasons why.

1: Set in West Virginia, the actors all act SO WELL that I couldn’t understand a fucking word they said. I don’t know if all West Virginians mumble everything that comes out of their mouths but – shit – I had no idea what they said – especially Rockwell! I mean – he’s such a great actor and this role seems like it could only ever be for him but I don’t know what he said for most of the movie unless he was shouting. It was very frustrating. Kind of like typing the word “frustrating”. At one point there’s this big confession from this one dude on why something is going on and it alludes to something from earlier and I had no idea what the fuck the guy was talking about.


2. Jason Isaacs (no relation!!): why him??? I like the guy just fine but he was TOTALLY not believable as a Deep South brutal murderer pedophile rapist drug dealer asshole. We all know he’s a Good and Proper, Tea Drinking, Crumpet Eating Englishman so…. huh???

3. Lighting: I think 90% of this thing is shot either outside in the dark or inside a set with no lamps. So, aside from not being able to hear what was being said, I couldn’t fucking see shit either. And yet, still, I liked this thing. I think.  William H Macy and his fake hair were a crack up:


and I’ve always liked the girl from EDEN LAKE even if I’ve only seen her in a few things but I think she’s cute and want to ❤ her face:


4. The Ending: I’m not buying it. I’m not going to spoil it here, especially for you Sam Rockwell lovers, but. BAH!! HORSE TITS!!

Oh well – if you’re not familiar, one DARK morning Rockwell is out hunting and accidentally shoots someone. He then finds a bag with a shitload of money in it. Up next: NOTHING goes well for anyone involved. Not even Macy’s rug.



  1. Grandpa and grandma never done any thrusty business. They always told me they were good church going virgins. They even slept in separate rooms. How dare you insulate that? 😉

    Great highlight here, though, man. I’d never heard of this but I love the cast. I’ll check it out.

    For the record, my Mum was in a small Scottish crime drama called “Taggart” and it was in the same episode with Jason Issacs. That’s where he started off. Thought I’d share that. And no! They didn’t get up to thrusty business either!

    Boat Drinks, you fucking Flatworm!

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    • theipc

      Wanna hear something disgusting?? When I would go out to live with my Grandparents every summer in California – I could hear them getting after it almost every night. Fucking horny bastards!!!

      That’s a cool story about your mum!!

      Boat Drinks, you Horse Tit!!!


  2. A cast like this? It is almost hard to believe it’s not good.

    Wait. I didn’t just say that. Erase it from the memory banks since it is so clearly wrong – (witness rubbish like The Big Wedding). Even still, maybe I’ll check this out some day, to see if I like it more or less than you do.

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    • theipc

      No, no – it’s a good movie – I just couldn’t see anything or hear what they had to say – it’s probably just me as I get OLDER and OLDER….

      You might like it!


    • theipc


      I have trouble typing that word and it always takes me two or three times to type: Barbara – it always comes out as Barabara…



  3. I too rather enjoyed this little flick. Like you said, it’s powerfully acted, looks great, and the story is believable, but most importantly, the characters are sensible! The plot is a tad worn and predictable, but I’d much rather see Rockwell running around with a hunting rifle than some no talent hack :).

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  4. 1. This movie sounds… Meh

    2. I love crumpets! : )

    3. I can’t believe you worked “horse tits” into another review

    4. I’m totally not surprised about your grandparents as you’re related to them. I assume.

    : )

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    • theipc

      Almost anything is better than The Silent Village. And somehow, that was still one of my favorite movie watching experiences EVER!






  5. Great review, you always me me laugh. I might check this out at some point; I kind of have the hots for Sam Rockwell. For starters, how cool is his name? Rock. Well? Plus Jason Isaacs and William H Macy are very good.

    I DO hate mumbling, though. A lot. It’s a total pet hate. ‘Brick’ nearly sent me totally doolally and I had to put the subtitles on when I watched ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

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    • theipc

      @”Great review, you always me me laugh”

      YAY!!! This made my weekend!!!

      Haven’t seen those other two but I probably wouldn’t like ’em….



      • Ah, you welcome, just being truthful. Judging by what I’ve seen on these pages, these films probably aren’t your cup of tea. That said, Brick might make a good Shitfest entry just because you can’t understand a bloody word anyone says thanks, to their incessant mumbling.

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  6. I am still tired from daylight savings 😦 this movie looks interesting but now that I read your ordered review, especially the part about William H. Macy’s fake hair and not understanding what anyone is saying… I wont see it. Thank you for saving me 1.5 hours.


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