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Good afternoon!! I had a couple of things come up that I wanted to share before we head into our weekends. First off – yesterday I had one of the most fun times I’ve EVER had when it comes to watching movies when we did the SHITFEST SOCIAL. Please check that link. I know there’s a bunch of comments but if you time to read them while you take your afternoon shit, you’ll probably crack the fuck up for a good few minutes!! That was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED!!!

But not everyone got to make it so I want to do this again – maybe even recurring-ly even…! Our good Irish friend Mike was asking about a follow up movie and he suggested I do a poll and I thought that was a pretty fucking good idea, especially coming from a drunken, horny Irishman. So – because some people couldn’t find THE SECRET VILLAGE, here’s a poll. I found all five of these stinky looking fuckers on Netflix Streaming. When we do this again, which one would the group like to watch? They all look pretty shitty and could use a good rogering.

Think about it and let me know – I would only LOVE to do that again sometime!! The plan IS to do it again but I haven’t set a time or anything yet. If you don’t like any of those choices, feel free to serve some other options. Obviously these are all horror movies because that’s my thing but we could do anything else : ) It’ll be like a book club LOL!!

While we’re talking about THE SECRET VILLAGE, one of the Socialites even went so far as to put together a fucking hilarious post about it, which you can find and laugh yourself silly HERE.  God damn, Anna!!! That’s GREATNESS!!

On a final note – because I know you’re ready for me to leave you alone – I put together a list of boners that you might find funny for Zoe over at her site. You can check it out HERE.

That’s it! I’m out!! Have great weekends!

P.S. One last thing that’s been really bothering me…. @jeffreytjohnson when I walked into that brown cloud of gas caused by your morning shit the other day…. DID YOU EVEN SHIT IN THE WATER??? Or just on the side of the toilet??? WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!!!!???


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  2. Seeing as Netflix Canada is completely lame and I think I’ve only spotted Devil’s Pass out of the list. I’ll have to go home and check the other ones out but if its anything I’ve learned from The Secret Village, there’s always a way to find the other selections 😉


  3. Well, I doubt I’ll be able to participate because of time zone differences or some such shit. I think the last one started whilst I was at work or something. SO I ABSTAIN! I’m sure whatever you guys go with will be cool. 🙂


      • It’s a tricky one, my work hours are often all over the place. 😦 Early mornings, late nights, sometimes both. And a workplace that generally frowns on internet usage. But it’s okay, I don’t want to be a fly in the ointment, as many of you are probably from the other side of the pond anyway. I like reading all the comments anyway. 😀


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