Isaacs Picture Conclusions




I’m not 100% positive why I rented this. The trailer looked good and I knew I was going to have to read it (it’s Swedish) but something just felt good about it and I downloaded it and started watching it and – well…… this was almost as boring as ONLY GOD FORGIVES.… if that’s fucking even possible. This Swedish woman, that I find attractive, stares at things for an hour and a half and then falls in love with a brutal murderer for no real reason at all. END. Well. OK.


For real. That blond chick there. We start off with her in an office working. Then she heads home, in silence and comes across a dead body so, like we all would do, she doesn’t call the cops and stares it it for a good minute and then goes to a cocktail party. There, she gets hit on but doesn’t reciprocate and heads home where she stares at some dude violently beating the shit out of another dude. Later, she goes to church and does some silent praying and gets hit on by another dude. Even later she shows us her Cooch and then tracks down the serial killer and they have a big fight. Then they move in together. Fantastic!


This was really boring and so is this post so let’s talk about something else. About a year or so ago, a friend and i set up a blog called IF THERE’S ONLY TEN PEOPLE IN THE THEATER, DON’T SIT NEAR ME, ASSHOLE where we stepped aside from our movie writin’ and went to town on how stupid people are. We actually got some good reception and did some fun  posts but then, as things do, it got tiring doing two blogs and we kind of petered out. Seeing as how I have been struggling with Movie Writin’ lately, I was thinking about firing some more content up out there but it’s hard to do two or even three blogs.


So… would anyone else be interested in writing out there? I know we are all, mostly, movie writers (and such) (and in my case – an idiot) but this is a chance to step out and rail on something besides movies if you had that itch.  If you’re interested, let me know here or there or email me at and I would LOVE to set you up as an author or editor – your choice. I’m pretty easy – there’s no deadlines and you would never have to check with me, just go post something whenever you felt like it. I would love it if there were, like, 20 of us out there writing. I know time is precious and there’s so little of it but just think, if there were 20 of us we would only have to individually post something once a month and there would be a good amount of content. Sign up now!! Free parking!!!


  1. I like that the word cooch is in this post. This movie was so bad you gave up on the review LOL. ok now that’s funny. Your other site looks good too, but I know what you mean it must be hard to focus on 2 or 3 blogs. If only your twin IPC would start doing some sh*t and start working.


  2. Nice work sir. I will be sure to bash out an article for your other site at some stage. I would write one right now. But I’ve had like 6 beers, knocked off work three hours early today to go watch some cricket, heading off to see the opening weekend of major league baseball tomorrow, just bought a shit ton of comics and it’s Friday night… which is to say I have zero capacity for annoyance or anger cause life is grand.

    But surely a fuckin Monday ain’t too far off and I will think of something to rant about. I will be in touch.


  3. Dude, this could totally turn into a place where I post hateful stories about my morning commute on the subway. Because much like the movie theatre, stupid people stand too close and do stupid ass shit that really grinds my gears. GRRRR. I better sign on to continue.


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