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I wonder how many people will get the title to this post….

I don’t normally post twice in a day but I thought this one deserved some merit in case you wanted to rent something over the weekend. Whether or not we agree on things is always a treat to discover but — I REALLY liked this movie and I don’t think you’ll go wrong with a rent of this. And…. to be honest with you… I actually got scared a few times and that doesn’t normally happen. Not scared like I pissed myself and started crying and need to go hide in the cellar for hours scared – but this had some genuinely heart rate raising moments in it.


I’ll keep this one short because I want to put this out before everyone gets off work – because we all know our higher traffic comes when people are fucking off at work – but this had a few things going for it, for me.

  • The lead chick is all kinds of hot
  • Home invasion movies pretty much freak me out
  • It’s a new and GOOD take on Found Footage
  • People on the internet scare me
  • People in fucking creepy burlap masks are FUCKING CREEPY


I think if you watch the trailer for this you’ll probably be sold – I thought this was pretty, pretty good. Most FF movies are one trick ponies that never need to be seen again, except for maybe LAKE MUNGO but I’ll totally watch this one a few times. Be careful, this is VERY violent and the effects are very well done – oh – and there’s a flappy dong in this for about a minute…. Good stuff guys! (Not the flappy dong though hahaha!)


    • theipc

      LOL!! I don’t have a cellar… wouldn’t you go lock yourself in there from the inside?? And then curl up in the corner and cry??


      • Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably the sensible thing to do, but it’s just not the done thing. If I am ever murdered in my own home by a supernatural force, I will not have it said that I did not adhere to humanity’s social rules until the bitter end.

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      • theipc

        We’ll have that put on your gravestone!


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  1. Skyrockets in flight! In the 70s I thought that song was about literal firecrackers and went around singing it in public, to my parents’ extreme embarrassment. If this movie scared you, and somehow draws a favorable comparison in quality to Lake Mungo, then it must be put on my agenda.

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  2. Sometimes this song seems a little rape-y to me. For example: “Gunna find my baby, gunna hold her tight, gunna grab some afternoon delight”. But I still love the song.
    Every Morning by Sugar Ray has a really rape-y vibe to it too, but it’s so upbeat! Haha.

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    • theipc

      Well – you and I – we’re close and shit. I’m talking people like Mike, Luke and Brian….

      *poops pants a little*

      *grabs baseball bat*




  3. I just read another positive review of this one. Sounds like they actually got the found-footage aspect of the film down right, which is surprising considering how many films butcher it.

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  4. Hmm. I like a good found footage film, but realistic gore sometimes turns me into a wuss…I’m torn. Perhaps I’ll pick a day when I’m feeling brave. Also, you’ve had to endure a lot of movies with flappy dongs lately…are you okay, buddy? You need to talk to someone about it?

    #dingDONG #poortheipc

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      • Gary Lee

        I just watched it. I thought it was pretty decent. I like found footage-type films if it’s well-executed. I think the protagonist had some dumb guy friends as they came across arrogant and dismissive in the first act, and sadly this would likely be the typical reaction from most guys in a situation like this. I think I’m gonna give “In Fear” a go tonight.


      • Gary Lee

        You still haven’t watched “Sleep Tight”. You need to make that happen and write about it. I think you’ll like it.


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