Isaacs Picture Conclusions



I was kind of excited for this… it had Idris Elba and Gary Oldman, plus a rather alluring cover.. so I got it in the mail and put it in one day and started watching it and it started off pretty good and we got a little bit of this:


… and then it very quickly got STUPIDER THAN FUCK and there was some shitty ass CGI kid going around terrorizing people and people were bent over backwards going up stairs and there’s some dumb side story about someone’s crazy mom and teenagers are working old 16 MM film cameras that they would NEVER know how to operate and then this fucking happens:


And then this kid comes around:


And then they hold a stupid, fucking Exorcism and there’s some sort of dog walking around with its head turned upside down and Elba gets possessed…


I guess I won’t go off and spoil the end for you because IT’S SOOOOOOOO WORTH IT (not) but it really did take me three sittings to get through it because I hated it SOOOO much. This is pretty sad: one top hat because it was in HD and one top hat because of a nice set of buns.



  1. Is that little demon kid crawling out of a medicine cabinet? Is that what that is?
    Probably would have been scarier if he’s just moved a bunch of lotions and deodorants around all willy nilly. You’d have nightmares for weeks!

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  2. Victor De Leon

    This movie disappointed the shit outta me (not literally). It had some potential then it became dog puke. Good post bro, bad movie. (guess it goes to show Oldman and Elba cant save every flick).


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