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The other morning I was sitting on the couch watching the latest DVR episode of Saturday Night Live with Louis C.K. (it was terrible BTW) and they did a skit where C.K. heads to his ex-girlfriend’s house and rings the doorbell. She immediately opens it up and greets him and it reminded me how irritating it is when characters in movies or TV INSTANTLY open up a door when it’s knocked on or the doorbell is rung. I mean – who the fuck sits by the door waiting for someone to knock on it??? NO ONE is who.


Then, yesterday, I was watching this movie called COMPULSION where Heather Graham and her giant, beautiful boobs decide to take a cake (or something) across the hall to her neighbor, Carrie Anne Moss and Graham knocks on her door and Moss opens it up like she’s been sitting there by the door all goddamned day waiting for someone to show up and knock on it and it really pissed me off at the sloppy film making.


I happened to have our friend J.B. on the line, so to speak, and I griped about it a little bit and she agreed and we got together and made up a list of GRIEVANCES AND TAINTS and I put it on THIS PAGE. Who knows if anyone will read it or like it or anything but I would love it if you had anything to add. Maybe we can make a difference!



  1. That is really fucking annoying. Almost as annoying as when cops have a little standoff with a crazy gunman/henchman who works for the main bad guy and they don’t immediately shoot him in the fucking leg to take him down. They always come to blows and blast the guy’s head off, so he’s no longer a valuable lead.

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