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Well FUCK. This is my first post to work on since WordPress fucked with the image editing design. I’m very, VERY anal about the width and sizes of the images I put out here (OCD) and always try and size them at 500X800 for the poster and 500X300 for the pics. For the last two years It’s been very easy: click, click, type, save. I think I figured out how to do it the new way but the changes aren’t fucking saving so my shit looks all wonky and this is really FUCKING IRRITATING…!!




What the fuck??? GOD DAMN!! So I apologize if you’re use to order and calm. This looks sloppy but maybe no one even gives a shit but…. UGHFUCKWHYFUCKFUCK!!


I don’t even know if I can keep myself together to write this thing. I better step away for a while. Well… fucking hell… I went into the HTML and changed all of the sizes there and now everything looks good on my EDIT POST page here but not in the preview. What the fuck. Hopefully it’s a cache problem? I guess we can check in a little bit. This is really irritating and distracting. Uuhhhhhhhhhhh The Butterfly Effect…. what was I going to say??? Oh yeah…. SPOILERS!!


Ashton Coocher plays a man who figures out he can travel back in time by reading his old notes he wrote down as a kid. I hate this post now. UM – but when he goes back in time and changes thing, things get fucked up for his friends. This movie was really going pretty well until the end and Amy Smart is all kinds of yummy…


I’m done with this post. How frustrating. So – since he’s tired of fucking up his friend’s lives he somehow manages to go back in time by looking at a picture of his mother in the hospital getting ready to squeeze him out of her Hoo Haw. He goes back to when he’s a little bitty fucking baby and strangles himself with his umbilical cord. What the fuck? That’s as bad as this post. Someone told me there’s an alternate ending but I don’t even care any more. This whole WordPress thing has ruined my day.



I’ll try and come out with something better later….

In the meantime, if you want to see something MUCH more fun, check out this conversation I had with JB about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake…. (click anywhere here)


  1. *TIC. I understand. Hence my reviews are looking the way they are now I was also exceptionally anal about how they were supposed to be and I just can’t win now!


    Yeah you got that super shitty ending. The other one was way better, rather see that one.

    We are both endlessly peeved with WP.

    Love the post though, totally feeling that frustration!


    • theipc

      I think I just got caught up in the day they changed the code and were working some bugs out. I think I’ve got the hang of it now.

      Hopefully you got the alternate ending that didn’t suck the life out of you.


  2. This film was some dark shit, and quite dfisturbing in places when I watched it years back. It’s put me off seeing it again. On a different note, your post looks fine to me man. WordPress have f***ed up a bit with the picture thing though. Why change when not necessary! And your post did make me LOL again


    • theipc


      This was a very frustrating post to put together… thankfully my mom gave me a decent brain and I was able to figure this shit out…


  3. Ugh. The LIKE isn’t loading. Anyway, LIKED !

    Btw, I’d seen the movie ( we have a dvd copy ) …. did he really strangle himself with umbilical cord ? I need to re watch it.


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