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Over the last couple of months a few of us sat around watching TV together and collectively jizzing each week after the conclusion of that week’s episode of True Detective, the phenomenal HBO mini series that brought us the likes of Rust Cohle, The Yellow King and some of the greatest character acting I’ve EVER seen. Once it was all over, we reckoned it would be too time consuming and LONG to try and detail all eight episodes so we sent BRIAN out for a carton of smokes, two suitcases of LONE STAR beer, three bottles of Clan MacGregor Scotch Whisky and some potted meat. When he finally fucking got back, we drew up a fire, did some shots (body shots???…….maybe……) and did some writin’ about what we thought of the first season. THANK YOU to everyone who participated!!! I know that was a long commute for some of you!!!

Here’s my shit:

“Who walks that fucking slow…?”

I know that may seem like a meaningless, two second bit of dialogue but I think this defines why this show was so successful – the two lead characters – Rust Cohle and Marty Hart (Matthew M and Woody H). Aside from being gripped from the opening fucking song over the wicked ass intro, we sit down with a tubby Hart, being interviewed about some case he worked on back when he was a cop. He’s off about this and that and then the two new cops ask him about his old partner, Rust. “He was a good fucking detective,” Hart admits and we cut to Cohle being interviewed by the same two new cops. He’s burned out and looks tired and has long, whispy hair and a wicked stache. I was amazed that pretty boy, RomCom, teeth and smiles, Matthew “I’m Pretty” McConaughey was….. THIS???



He looks like an old, grizzly penis. Have you ever had to spend a night in jail?? I haven’t but I’ve heard that spending fifteen hours in a holding cell with a bunch of drunks… you see things you can’t unsee….. But anyway… I’m keeping this short because there’s much better words to read below these. I was just amazed by these characters, I mean, who thought of them? The writers? The director? I feel that these actors brought these characters to the series. Just the way Cohle STANDS is simply brilliant. And the way he walks.  Who walks that fucking slow?



Well… I do… I’m know to be pretty pokey but the fact that one character addresses it is GREAT writing to me. I could get into all of the technical shit about this but there’s no point. This is show is brilliant and the fact that it deals with an obscure and ancient occult makes it even more alluring to me. This is easily one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and something finally beat out DEADWOOD as my favorite TV show.

“Come die with me, Little Priest.”



Rust: “Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing.”
Marty: “If that long.”
Rust: “Well, be careful what you get good at.”

Rating: 9.5/10. This was one hell of a show. I could not believe how extremely well it was put together. There were top notch performances, which cannot be denied. The characters were complex and interesting. Sometimes they came across as shallow, but just as quickly turned around to show you it is not what it appears to be. The entire series showed you some intense character development, which was fantastic. The case they were working was exceptionally interesting and never offered up a dull moment between it. The relationship between Rust and Marty was excellent and endlessly entertaining to watch. Rust really was a chop, but then again Marty was morally awful, too.


Watching them face their dilemmas never got old, and seeing how Rust ended up the way he did was not a far stretch of the imagination. Rust’s rambling conversations were very interesting to listen to, to see how he perceived life to be. The cinematography was great and I thought the opening sequence/intro was very well done and so suited for the show. Music usage and the score worked perfectly in conjuncture with what is going on. Rust really is a different kind of detective, too, and this was certainly one of McConaughey’s best roles for me. I love Woody Harrelson, and he nailed the part of Marty. He was a total idiot, throwing the dearest things in his life away, though I pitied him later for how his life was being led, even though it was his own stupid decisions and actions that landed him there.


I thought the way the show was presented was excellent, starting in the past, flipping to the present for interviews, and then seeing how the interviews conclude and how everyone continues with what they have. Episode four (Who Goes There) was one hell of a gripping episode, and the tracking shot that featured in there just blew my mind and had me at the edge of my seat the whole way through. The discovery of the villain was so well done, and again just commanded every ounce of your attention to see how they were going to go about their things. Needless to say, I am a massive fan of the show and thought that it was one of the best implemented series that I have seen in a while, and I do not for a second think I wasted my time. It just worked on so many levels, and should be commended for that.

SPOILERS: Also, watching Childress was slightly disturbing, seeing as he was not all right upstairs, and that the woman in the house with him seemed to contribute to how crazy he was, and feed on the situation. She exacerbated it, though not intentionally. The way his accent would flip around the whole time was immensely disturbing, too. They were both not completely sane, but at the same time truly freaky. Listening to Childress as Rust chased him into the labyrinthine structure in the woods was crazy, and even more so when you saw what was down there as well as his total break from reality, because he was not living entirely in our world. It was so interesting.

Anyway, enough about that. Here’s the freaking amazing six minute tracking shot scene if you would like to check it out of relive it if you have done so already!



Wow. This show was quite a ride. It was dark and gritty and the two leads were often major a-holes, but MAN did it have a great first season! I don’t purchase many TV series, but I’m thinking I may have to invest in this one because it was THAT GOOD. Anywho, here are a few of my highlights:

1) All the crazy sh*t Cohle said.

TD Cohle quote 1

TD Cohle quote 2

TD Cohle quote 3


TD Michael Jordan

3) Episode four. One of the best episodes of television I have ever seen. Srsly. After I watched it, I did this for a while:

TD Wow

4) The ending. It wasn’t what I expected it to be, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In fact, I want to meet the writers and do this:

TD High five

5) “L’chaim, fat ass.” Rust Cohle has officially coined the best “see ya” you could possibly give to someone you hate. It’s at the end of this scene and it’s perfect.

The only bad thing? Well, Rust…

TD Cohle smokes 1


TD Cohle smokes 2

…has emphysema.

TD Cohle smokes 3

Or lung cancer.

TD Cohle smokes 4

Seriously, how is Matthew McConaughey alive?

TD Cohle smokes 5

Anyway, True Detective is an amazing show! Highly recommended!



True Detective 

As IPC/Eric knows, I am a big True Detective fan so I have nothing, but praise for this show. In retrospect, now that we have come down from the high of trying to figure out who the Yellow King and what Carcosa was all about, I can still stand by my decision that this was one of the best shows of the year thus far. Rarely does a show captivate you as much and keep you wondering and guessing along the way without ruining the plot or being too predictable. With True Detective, I was on pins and needles every Sunday night, waiting by my HBO East channel (so I could watch it earlier) and begging for more.


Lots of times when I feel that a show goes by in the blink of an eye, to me that is a sign of a great show. You have no time to sit there and find the flaws or get bored. Given the fact that so much had to be crammed into 8 episodes I applaud the writers for putting together an impeccable show. Honestly when I was done I felt like I had just read a book, it had well developed characters and a finely tuned script that ended on a beautiful, almost prolific note.

Premiere Of Anchor Bay Entertainment's "Surfer Dude"

Enough of the going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs stuff, my favorite part of the show was the interactions between Rust and Martin. The way they talk to one another and even the way these two actors played off one another is what really made the show. If you haven’t checked it out, then definitely look for it when it is out on DVD or on Netflix. I read rumors that Brad Pitt may be in Season 2, that could be a good choice! Fanning myself as I type and hoping for some shirtless scenes. I vote for Edward Norton as his partner. Anyone else have a good idea for a dream team to appear on Season 2 of TD?



new improved logo


True Detective Season 1

I was immediately interested in this show, right from the first viewing of the trailer. So much intrigue! And it seemed to pop up suddenly out of nowhere. There was a trailer and then it felt like only a week later this show would be airing.Things started to unfold slowly, with a lot of flashing back and flashing forward in time. Which I’m not a fan of, really. Not that I find it confusing, I just prefer a very linear storyline. When the story bounces back and forth too much, I find my interest waning. Just tell me a good goddamned story from beginning to end and you’ll have my unwavering attention.

I was hooked from the start though, despite the seizure inducing timeline switches throughout the first episode. We’re given a bizarre murder, are led to believe the killer was caught and that we are reliving the tale and then find that another body linked to this killer was found. And therein lies the magic. All these years later, and that deranged killer is still out there.The first episode impressed me because it felt restrained. HBO wasn’t overdoing it on the coarse language, violence or nudity to rope in viewers. I like that. You don’t need gimmicks to sell a story. They help, sometimes. But they shouldn’t be used like crutches. Enter episode two… We get to see a ludicrously lecherous sex scene with executive producer Woody Harrelson and a huge-titted young actress. Ugggh! Not that I’m opposed to nudity and/or sex scenes. But give me a break. All of that goodwill that the first episode had built up was totally undone by that scene. It just made me feel like it was shoehorned in there because Woody wanted to grope on some young hardbody for a day. Gross.

Ultimately, I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of this show. I loved how real it felt. There wasn’t a quick and easy answer to the case. Rust worked tirelessly for years building his case, he didn’t catch some obvious break three days into it like the shitty detectives on Dexter always seemed to come up with when convenient. I loved when the timeline of the story eventually caught up to the present day. We get to this really exciting place where we’re in the now with our heroes and time hasn’t been kind to any of them. They’re real people who have allowed their lives to be torn asunder by the gruelling nature of their line of work, and respectively by their individual flaws. Nobody lived happily ever after; they were able to put a distressing case behind them and had to go back to their commonplace lives.It gave credence to the title of the show, I think. The idea that a true detective isn’t some shiny wonderful attractive person who can magically crack a tough case wide open in a couple of days with their superior on every level abilities. They didn’t glamourize the job, and I enjoyed that most of all.This was an excellent start to the show, and I’m eagerly awaiting season two now.


The rumour mill is now in full flight for season 2 of “True Detective” with Jeff Goldblum and Steve Buscemi being the latest to find themselves mentioned. As much as I admire these two actors, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever match up to the wonderful work of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey from this superb crime drama’s opening season.8 episodes that essentially amounts to an 8 hour film, leaving plenty of room for characterisation and for the story to fully tease the audience with its elaborate murder mystery.

However, even though we find ourselves intrigued by the investigation itself, it’s actually the two leading characters who are the most fascinating. Harrelson is on very fine form and doesn’t put a foot wrong but when your playing alongside an unhinged McConaughey, you have to expect that your going to be relegated to his shadow. The man’s on fire at the moment and this show only adds another outstanding performance to his already extensive list.It does have comparisons to the hauntingly beautiful “Twin Peaks” and procedural drama of “The Wire” but this is a standalone series that will be very hard to beat after such a solid first outing.McConaughey’s character of Rust Cohle proclaims that “the world needs bad men”. All is can say is, the world needs more TV shows like this.







Episode 1
A girl is murdered
It’s up to Wooderson and
Munson to solve it

Episode 2
Uh, well, there was, uh
boobs… and… some other stuff… uh…
for a while… and boobs

Episode 3
A connected case
Not as many boobs this time
Weird lawnmower guy…

Episode 4
Cohle joins biker gang
Enjoys a few bumps of coke
Best ending ever

Episode 5
The guys catch their man
But Hart shoots him in the head
It’s cover-up time!

Episode 6
It’s not over, though
The Yellow King lives on still
Cohle bangs Hart’s wife. Nice!

Episode 7
Back to the future
Cohle actually finds a
working VCR

Episode 8
The guys catch their man
He mows lawns and makes flowers
Home Sweet Carcosa



NOTE: Our man, Lem, is currently on location in Chicago sampling delicacies for a potential new product: THE IPC branded “CHIPS ‘N SHIT. MMMMMMM Cilantro…


Love the show, love the actors, love their performances…

I realized after Episode 3 that my enjoyment of the show was increased if I watched it “Live” rather than from the “On Demand” menu. It took me another week to figure out why. Show creator / Show runner Nic Pizzolatto was THE reason that my enjoyment was diminished, his post-show behind the scenes recaps really bugged me, and I love the behind the scenes stuff usually. Pizzolatto is such an obvious blowhard, for me he’s really hard to take – he even put himself into the show as the bartender at the strip club – c’mon man…really?

This habit of show-runner self-promotion seems to have started with Matthew Weiner who was hell-bent on reminding us that it wasn’t the actor playing Don Draper that was the reason to watch Mad Men, it was Weiner’s invention of the Draper character that should be the draw…

Blah blah blah –

So – if you’re reading this Pizzolatto , and you seem like the kinda guy that reads his own press, I am in the greater SoCal area and would be happy to give you a fair-shake interview for the IPC. In the meantime, I really hope you can sustain the high level you reached on True Detective in Season 1, but my opinion is that you are an asshat, so stop it with the post-game interviews, please. We love the show, but we’re already sick of you.

Kind Regards,


  1. CHOP! This is STUNNING!!! Love it!

    LOL Cara, hating on the smoking! Never phases me 😛 But episode four? I agree with that completely!

    Glad to see that everyone seemed to like it… with the exception of T9M that is, but come on, she really tried her best! AND she finished it! CREDIT.

    Ah, great work everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NICE we rule! I am still laughing at the fact that you called Matt M a grizzly old penis. LOL. HAHAHAhAhA

    Good job everyone, I just have to say thank God you didn’t put Brian’s gif at the beginning of the post otherwise no one would have read it other than us chicks out there.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Alright, Alright, Alright! Looking Gooood! Great post my brother! Excellent to see the enthusiasm for this show. In all honesty, though, it could all be downhill for this series. Can it really be topped?

    Boat Drinks my blogga!!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Brilliant work, guys. I just loved how everyone turned on Cinema Parrot Disco for not liking it. If she turns up dead, I know where to look for the killers. And as I catch you, I am going to go through so many whispery monologues, you wouldn’t dang believe it.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I haven’t seen a moment of this show yet, so I only skimmed most of this write up. But. It seems as though all of you are quite fond of it. My interest was already piqued to finally watch some of True Detective. Now it is even more so.

    Great work, all!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. ok. I now finished watching all 8 episodes and have read all of your reviews. I dunno what to say. I thought some parts were good, some parts were great and lots of it was just deliberately slow. Yes, I’m use to procedurals that figure it all out within 42 minutes, but still, 8 hours is a long freakin time to drag out a story like this. (it DID make me feel as if I was reading a good detective book) It was nice tho to get a full picture of everyones lives over the course of the show. obviously you only see the whole story once you get to the end, but it was nice how they connected “most” of the dots very well. My favorite episode was #5 and I loved how there were so many scenes where they have the voiceover telling a completely different story as to what really happened.

    Not my favorite show ever, but I can understand why some would think that.

    Thank you Eric, for convincing me to give it a try [eventhough I will now have 4 less movie reviews this month :)]. I don’t regret seeing it and am glad I gave it a second try after turning it off in the middle of teh first episode 2 months ago.

    Not sure I woulda been able to wait a week between each ep, so maybe it was better that I got to watch them all at once.

    Liked by 2 people

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