Isaacs Picture Conclusions




Have you ever seen a movie that you really liked? No??? Well – let’s go about this one a little differently today… Take a look at these images and then check out the Decision Flow your good friend at THE IPC made for you!!! Be sure to click the image to make it bigger!








P.S. If I get even one like or positive comment on my graphic I’ll do it again : )


I really like that graphic… but do you know what else I really like?? Cara Gale and her blog Silver Screen Serenade! I also did a little writin’ for her big April Fools blogathon about my favorite fool to grace the big screen. Click anywhere here to check it out. Are you curious???? Here’s a teaser: “You ate SAND???”


      • Gary Lee

        I figured you’d like this one. It’s intriguing and unpredictable; love these kind of off-beat films where you’re never sure where it’s headed.

        You need to check out “With A Friend Like Harry” next. It’s a different set-up than “Sleep Tight” but it’s in the same vein with a similar vibe. I think you’ll have fun writing an entry on here about it. It’s now available on netflix instant.


    • Gary Lee

      Luke, it is good. I have been recommending this to people for a while. You should DEFINITELY check it out. 🙂 You write screenplays? If you have any scripts you need feedback on, that’s what I do if you want to send my way.


  1. Generally, yes, I am afraid of people who hide under my bed while I sleep.
    I still run and jump into the bed from across the room when I’m the one who shuts the lights off because I don’t want something to reach out and grab my foot in the dark. Doesn’t leave me feeling ready to rest when I finally do get under the covers though… I should rethink my game plan.


    • theipc

      Maybe you should install one of those old timey torches that hang on the wall. You could dip it in a bucket of tar by your doorway, light it and make your way to the bed all slow and shit. I’m sure it wouldn’t stink at all.

      So – you approve of my flow chart?


      • Hahaha, it would stink less than you having a fart attack. That I know for sure, lol.

        I love the flow chart! I spent 3 hours last week agonizing over this flow chart I had to make for something really tedious and convulted. I should have just commissioned you to do it! You are the flow chart master.


  2. Gary Lee

    What’d you think of the girl in this one? I think she’s far hotter and more beautiful than many of the famous actresses.


  3. Muy bueno, eh? Maybe I’ll check it out! As for the flow chart, I’d say it’s a success, buddy. 😉 I couldn’t comment on the above conversation with Gary Lee, but SOMETHING BIG INDEED, MY FRIEND.

    #excitement #probielove


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