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I haven’t done one of these in a long time, mainly because MR and MRS THE IPC haven’t been TO a movie since last summer but, I feel this merits some attention – especially now that I can let myself go read the posts about this done by people I love. The point of this site is to normally talk about lesser known movies and whether or not you should give them a chance but, I really do watch just about everything that comes out – that INTERESTS me – and I feel like an opinion is deserved here. I won’t be going into big details about this, because a lot of other people have written MUCH BETTER things, so here’s a little look into this movie based on my experience with the Much Greater part of my life.

This is probably going to contain some spoilers but they won’t ruin the movie or anything… they’re going to be vague…


THE IPC (during the trailers, eating Post-Hot-Dog-Nachos): GOD DAMN these peppers are hot today….!


*After the movie*

THE IPC: So, what did you think about that movie??

MRS THE IPC: I really liked it a lot!


MRS THE IPC: It was really goo-

*no lie, a teenage girl comes running past us crying or hyperventilating or having a seizure or something*

MRS THE IPC: Well… that was just weird….


MRS THE IPC: I’m not sure… should we do something?

THE IPC: I bet she just got some bad news or something.

*later, in the car*

MRS THE IPC: Do you think we should check on that girl?

THE IPC: NAH. I’m sure she’s fine. She was able to run and no one was chasing her.

MRS THE IPC: You’re probably right.

THE IPC: So… you liked it??

MRS THE IPC: Yeah! I thought it was really good.

MRS THE IPC: (lol) But why didn’t that thing kill her when she engaged it? Like it did everyone else.

THE IPC: I guess she’s one tough broad.

MRS THE IPC: Or, why didn’t she just take off her jacket? What’s he gonna do? Put it back on her??


THE IPC: “Put it back on or take one in the head!” Couldn’t Fury just shoot the fucker already?

THE IPC: I like how those server blades sure were easy to get to on the most advanced piece of equipment human civilization has ever created.

THE IPC: The blade I am on at work goes bad once a year and it takes seventeen tickets to IT and three personnel to JUST FUCKING UNPLUG it and restart it.

THE IPC: “On your left” LOL



THE IPC: I think I’m going to shave my beard tomorrow. It’s getting itchy

THE IPC: I REALLY like Anthony Mackie.

*Sunday morning*

THE IPC: I like how Saturday Night Live did a whole skit about dongs. I think Brian and I have lead this Dong Resurgence. The world can thank us.


    • theipc

      THANKS!! He’s such a good actor! Did you see The Hurt Locker? He’s good in that too.

      Mike is not changing my perception of Irishmen….




      • garylee828

        Anthony Mackie was good in “8 Mile” as the driving antagonist; he was such a prick! The final act of 8 Mile is $$$$$! One of the best endings I’ve seen. 🙂 “Hey, weren’t you listening to the last round, meathead? Pay attention, you’re saying the same shit that he said!” That line always cracked me up. lol. “Tanktop screaming LOTTO, I DON’T FIT YOU!”


      • garylee828

        dude, 8 mile is full of stars: Michael Shannon, Brittany Murphy, Kim Basinger, Mekhi Phifer. It’s a very solid script. It’s basically like a rap version of “Karate Kid” and Anthony Mackie plays the bully role, who terrorizes Eminem the same way Johnny terrorized Daniel. The ending is perfection! *I just say all that in case you assumed it was a lame, typical rap movie. It’s not. It’s strong story-telling.


  1. Dear Chop,

    Loved this and glad you loved the movie, it was awesome!

    On a side note, what if the girl was crying cause someone was pulling off some crazy dangerous horror crap at her home and because she watched a lot of horrors the typical response is to get hysterical but not actually TELL anyone what the issue is?

    Nah… Probably something minor…


    JB, Serious Winter Soldier Fan


    • theipc

      Dearest JB,

      I absolutely loved it!! What a fun movie!! Over the years I’ve been alive, I’ve learned not to put my nose into stranger’s shit, so, let’s leave that shit alone. Can’t wait to talk about this when we have some more time.



      P.S. On your left.


  2. Skeletor

    HAHAHHAHAHHA!!!!! You and MRS THE IPC crack me up!! I miss you guys!

    PS – holy shit, could Scarlet Johansen get any hotter?


  3. “NAH. I’m sure she’s fine. She was able to run and no one was chasing her.” I AM STILL LAUGHING ABOUT THIS. I am very glad you and the Mrs. liked this one! But will you QUIT eating foods that make you into a gassy weapon of mass destruction?? You’re ruining your wife’s movie experiences!!!


    • theipc

      I wore that beard for six months… now I’m sporting some ‘burns and what is technically called a Van Dyke…. it’s getting ready to get hot around here….


    • theipc

      We’ll never know…. hopefully she was running out to her car to change into Wonder Woman and save the day!!

      Hopefully we can do some more of these now that movie season is back!


  4. garylee828

    I finally went to see this last weekend when I went to Godzilla. It was pretty good. I really liked the sequence at the beginning when he jumped on the boat and just attacked every pirate in sight one-by-one. There was a lot of strong choreography in this one, that always makes for a lot of fun. The sequence of attack on Nick Fury was also good.


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