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Some of you might know that I woke up late this morning and got to work all sleepy. Then I started reading my paper and eating some pineapples and got to the entertainment section and saw that OCULUS was out. I was all “WHAT??? I didn’t know this was out already!!!” I read the review in the paper (which wasn’t totally flattering) and thought “What a fucking prude” about the reviewer and then decided that I HATED my work week, so I took the afternoon off and went to see this in the theater. YAY!!!!! Movie time!! Nachos!!

I’ll keep this short as I want to get it out before people get off work (because my highest traffic comes when people are fucking off at work) but – FUCK YEAH I’m glad I made that decision. I LOVED it. Aside from my obsession with boobs and all of that, this was totally my type of movie. It was twisty and time-bendy and I loved young Kaylie and you could never be sure what was real or not and – YEP – I absolutely loved it!!

It’s a slow movie – be prepared for that. Slow and effective… much like myself. Not. But really, it was totally worth the 30 bucks it cost me to see it and eat. I’ll do what I can to get some longer thoughts out but, if you have a chance to get to the movies this weekend, and like a good, slow burner of a movie, this is the one. And prepare for your sphincter to cinch up during that apple scene. And THANK GOD they didn’t use CGI for – well – check it out!

And since we’re all about honesty here, there was one thing that I didn’t like in here. Amy Pond’s feathered hairdo. I’m not a big fan of bangs. Oh, and also since we’re all about honesty here, after it ended and the credits came up, this older couple turned to another older couple and they laughed and one of em said “That was just dumb!” So I threw my leftover popcorn at them and pushed them all down the stairs screaming “HOW DUMB DO YOU THINK THIS IS YOU OLD MOTHER FUCKERS???!!!??????” That last part may or may not be true but one thing’s for sure: I LOVED IT! I would totally go see it again! Like: totes. What a good movie!



  1. Seeing this tomorrow!! So happy you enjoyed it :). Really been looking forward to it ever since I missed it at TIFF in September :(. Catching The Raid 2 tonight and this tomorrow, going to be an awesome weekend! Awesome post!

    Oh and also, about murdering those old people, you might want to flee the country…


  2. “I’m not a big fan of bangs”. Lol! That fucking cracked me up. No clue why. And she’s British so she’d call that a “fringe”. ; ) That poster is freaking me out…. This sounds like the type of movie I’d watch at home by myself sometime, though. Maybe. : ) Oh, and my hubby did actually throw his empty drink (except for ice) at the heads of two teenage girls who wouldn’t shut up at a movie once….

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    • theipc

      LOL… well… it’s true…. bangs were ruined for me in the 80s….

      I honestly think you might like this movie but I’m usually not right when it comes to you. This is slow and steady and wins the race – I loved it!! And, not in a pervy way, I loved the actress who played young Kaylie – she was EXCELLENT!

      Your old man sounds like a True Pimp. I’ve never thrown anything at anyone.


  3. I WANT TO SEE THIS! I was intrigued when I saw the first teaser trailer and you’ve just sealed it for me. I’ll probably have to wait for the DVD though, as all my friends are giant babies and would never see a horror film in a cinema (even if they had a fringe to hide behind).

    On a side note, I’ve always wondered why you guys call a fringe “bangs”. Where does that come from…?


      • garylee828

        Are you saying we haven’t agreed lately b/c I hated “Raze” a few months back? Just b/c I hated that movie and thought “Rabies” was ridiculous and over-the-top doesn’t mean we hardly ever agree. I liked “Big Bad Wolves” and I thought “The Den” was decent. You loved “Sleep Tight”. We agree sometimes. We disagree sometimes. I thought you’d be able to tell me if I liked “Oculus” b/c you know the elements I like in movies – unpredictability, mystery, intrigue, atmosphere, strong writing, solid acting…


      • garylee828

        Too late – you (and Mark Hobin) already sold me on it. I’m going to see this today. If it sucks I will be bringing a lawsuit against the IPC! 🙂


      • garylee828

        Okay, I just got back. I thought it was good, particularly the first half. The second half became a bit confusing at times as I was not always sure what was reality and what was delusion, as the characters didn’t seem to, as well; with that in mind, it still was able to stay on-track. I loved the set-up, as I thought it was well-executed and intriguing. The writer and director practiced the often neglected concept of “Less is More” which is often highly effective in horror/thrillers. I thought the ending was good, but I didn’t “like” it just b/c I was hoping for a different outcome; but it was clever, nonetheless. With that ending in mind, they HAVE to come out with a sequel! There is a lot more of this story to be told, and someone needs to get what they have coming to them. I would hate for the story to end there. Which is the sign of a good movie. Let’s just not make Insidious 2. lol.


  4. This just made me lol so much. Amy Pond’s bangs and yelling at those old people…this is why I love you, my friend. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS TONIGHT!!!!

    #probielove #butyoureallyshouldhavethrownshitatthoseoldbitches #nodongulus


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  6. Wow, definitely sold to me! I keep hearing good things from people that dig the horror genre, so that’s good! Fantastic little review here!

    The hair, bwahahahahaha!


  7. Victor De Leon

    Glad you enjoyed this one. Looking forward to it. I really dug Absentia from Flanagan. I am a bit surprised by how the movie has some genre fans divided. I don’t give a shit, though. Still stoked for it. Thanks bro.


  8. Tom

    ahahaha great fecking review dude. I just saw this the other day and was initially completely and utterly pissed off. Felt like the ending jerked me around but I think all is not quiet on the western front here. . . . sequels??? Maybe.

    But the rest of the film, other than the ending, I really dug. It was so different. And that apple/lightbulb scene. Feck me.


    • theipc

      Thanks Tom!! My Right and Proper thoughts on this will be out tomorrow 🙂

      I can see this being off putting – but I loved it!!! I’m swamped on work today so I might not get to yours for a bit but – can’t wait 🙂

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