Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Happy Sunday evening from where I live!! Did everyone have a nice weekend? Did we even have a weekend? Last night Scrotey and I got our load on and we decided to try to run up the dam of the lake I live by (Hefner Lake). He made it all the way up wearing his fucking cleats. Mrs. IPC made it most of the way up wearing her tennis shoes. I was wearing my fucking house slippers and almost made it up to the first tier whereย I slipped in the grass and rolled all the way down the hill and almost rolled into traffic where I could have been run over and killed. Excitement! Boy am I fucking sore.

So, in honor of that, I need to recognize that I recently wrote a song about another (once) local resident of the state I live in for a competition over at SCREENKICKER. He says it’s a competition but I don’t see how there’s any way to vote or anything and he’s a drunken Irish bastard so who knows what’s really going on. But, if you wanted to get your toes to tapping and your hips twisting to a song about Megan Mullally’s boobs, click the burning, erotic sun image below. SPOILER… it’s not rated G.





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